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Most downloads over all time
152681-152700 of all 153,764 gems.
152,676241embulk-output-amazon_cloudsearchDumps records to Amazon Cloudsearch.
152,676241anchor_ui-coreUI Kit based on open source projects to allow rapid prototypes of internal apps.
152,676241wholefoods_recipeScrapes a recipe collection from
152,676241mongo_maskerMasking production data mongodb for testing/development
152,676241rakshitmy_gem is an upload documnets gem
152,676241rails-ssoSSO for rails-api applications. cookies and jwt implementation.
152,676241embulk-input-scriptLoads records from Script.
152,676241rasa_coreThis gem is a simple wrapper that allows to interact with Rasa Core.
152,676241httpcap-rbparse pcap, then return http request and response
152,676241pronto-railroaderPronto runner for Railroader, security vulnerability scanner for RoR
152,676241exA gem that is coming soon
152,694240experimental_methodAllows to release two versions of the code and switch between them.
152,694240clear-caseThis is minimal theme for blofs
152,694240gotta-runGotta Run
152,694240vagrant-hyperkitEnables Vagrant to manage machines in hyperkit.
152,694240capistrano-simple-htaccessCapistrano task for including a simple apache .htaccess file for redirects on deploy
152,694240activemerchant-paylineActiveMerchant implementation of the Payline Gateway.
152,694240ruby-ipfs-http-clientA client library for the IPFS HTTP API, implemented in Ruby