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153001-153020 of all 153,764 gems.
152,992224gemitaMuch longer explanation of the example!
152,992224easy_goes_itA collection of code for the lazy in all of us.
152,992224nwitch_grpc_clientActs as a Ruby gem for the nwitch gRPC proxy.
152,992224gadzhiev_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
152,992224first_about_us_gemfirst_about_us_gem is the best
152,992224chain_punkGenerate text from configurable patterns.
152,992224mcu-powerThe Power Stone bestows upon its holder a lot of energy—the sort of energy that you cou...
152,992224karatekitRuby toolkit for the API
152,992224ex-symbolA gem that is coming soon.
153,011223truevalidationComing soon
153,011223oglobinOglobin is almost hemoglobin, the brother of gem atogen and brother of gem atoma
153,011223hola_danielmakeit3A simple hello world gem
153,011223alchemy_i18nTranslation files for AlchemyCMS
153,011223gitmirrorgitmirror maintains mirrors of git repositories on the local system using a bare reposi...
153,011223biilabs-testA gem to work with "BiiLabs" Tangle.
153,011223bdara_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
153,011223re-hashEasy-to-use hash deeply nested values mapping and transformation.
153,011223project-honeypot2Project-Honeypot provides a programatic interface to the Project Honeypot services. It ...