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153021-153040 of all 153,764 gems.
153,011223freshlibA fresh library.
153,011223motion-sparkle-sandboxmotion-sparkle-sandbox makes it easy to use the sandboxed version of Sparkle in your Ru...
153,011223hibp-cuckoo-filterContains rarely-changing binary data used by the has_unpublished_password gem.
153,011223quiversbrewSet of modules which defines common tasks to build, deploy C# projects. It also allows ...
153,011223mcu-soulThe Soul stone allows the user to steal, control, manipulate, and alter living and dead...
153,011223infinity_stonesDeletes 50% of the files in a directory.
153,030222realtyFirst version of a realty gem
153,030222progimageSimple wrapper for the ProgImage API
153,030222sspec-mirror-extconfBitsquatting alias to bundler
153,030222rakeeA bad copy of rake for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
153,030222carrierwavA bad copy of carrierwave for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
153,030222acitveadminA bad copy of activeadmin for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
153,030222easy_rspecCreate customized RSpec templates with a single command
153,030222bryteI couldn't find a Jekyll theme that served all my needs. So I built this. I'm still ope...
153,030222rspec-graphqlProvides RSpec matchers and helpers for testing graphql-ruby schema
153,030222baidu_aip_ruby_sdkAn unofficial simple baidu ai ruby gem