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153041-153060 of all 153,219 gems.
153,042165jekyll-vibrantjsJekyll plugin to generate CSS overrides based on Vibrant.js colors extracted from a giv...
153,043164black-widowA simple static site generator powered by eRuby
153,044163shopify_api_consoleThe Shopify Admin API Console gem is a tool for accessing the Shopify Admin API from th...
153,044163gotta-runGotta Run
153,044163array_to_activerecordConvert Array to ActiveRecord::Relation without database access
153,044163likenessPowerful string similarity determination using the Shingles method.
153,048162itamae-plugin-resource-aur_packageAn Itamae resource for AUR (Arch User Repository)
153,048162geoclueUse GeoClue to get geographic coordinates for your computer based soely on your WiFi co...
153,048162dainoA dead simple Cortex API wrapper for Ruby.
153,048162embulk-output-amazon_cloudsearchDumps records to Amazon Cloudsearch.
153,052161vagrant-ociCreate instances in Oracle OCI.
153,052161gandi_v5Make use of Gandi's V5 API.
153,052161clear-caseThis is minimal theme for blofs
153,052161renderfulRender your Contentful space!
153,052161zenmlThis gem serves a tool for parsing a ZenML, an alternative new symtax for XML, to an XM...
153,057160identikalA no frills gem that does one thing and only one thing. Checks whether two given PDF fi...
153,057160pemlThe Programming Exercise Markup Language (PEML) is intended to be a simple, easy format...
153,057160gotta-serveGotta Serve
153,057160gotta-run-rubyGotta run ruby