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153061-153080 of all 153,219 gems.
153,057160gotta-componentGotta Component!
153,057160another-themeAnother theme for Jekyll
153,057160rootine-gemThis breaks uo English word to word-root
153,064159didww-clientThis API wrapper is meant to provide a rails friendly configurable api wrapper to acces...
153,064159cli_nbadraft2019CLI gem reads/scrapes Top NBA draft prospect page. Allows user to get more in-depth inf...
153,064159gotta-projectGotta Project
153,064159basic88-bit micro compatible BASIC interpreter. (Ruby)
153,064159vatapaVatapa combines Vue, Rails Partials, Yaml and generators to create multi-layered compon...
153,069158konshinkai_airWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,069158eivo-rails-sidekiqEIVO Rails Sidekiq
153,071157hello_falconShow me your moves!
153,071157trailblazer-futureUse Trailblazer 2.0 and 2.1 in one application
153,071157bundler-source-s3This bundler plugin adds a source type S3 which enables fetching/installing gems from A...
153,071157tmp-gitversionVersioning when using git, solved. GitVersion looks at your git history and works out t...
153,071157basixMulti 8-bit micro compatible BASIC interpreter for Ruby.
153,076156cx_extractorUsed to extract text from the web page. This tool is appropriate for the web page which...
153,076156uw-fluent-plugin-throttleFluentd filter for throttling logs based on a configurable key.
153,078155japan_etcJapan ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) database
153,078155ruby-kubernetes-controllerThe Ruby Kubernetes Controller allows users to interact with the core Kubernetes APIs n...
153,080154ninnyNinny is a command line workflow for git