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153181-153200 of all 153,764 gems.
153,151217ledis-cliCall method post.
153,151217just-the-docs-altairA modern, high customizable, responsive Jekyll theme for documention with built-in search.
153,151217interruptibleExtension of throw/catch to preserve interruption when once interrupted with given signal.
153,151217hola_davidmeddinaA simple hello world gem
153,185216yandex-checkoutThis product is used for managing payments under The Yandex.Checkout API For usage by t...
153,185216rest-client-wrapperGeneric REST client wrapper
153,185216aws_dataAWS info like region and account id
153,185216motion-expectRSpec's expect syntax in MacBacon
153,185216hurricane_trimarThis gem provides methods for trimming spaces.
153,185216tex_mindbody-apiTEX Mindbody v6 API wrapper
153,185216middleware-cliYou can list, view and create middlewares for your rails app
153,185216ruby-gpsGPS utilities for Ruby
153,185216raquelchessA fast chess library that use bitboards to play chess with Ruby.
153,185216fresh_tomatoesWrite a short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
153,185216sspecBDD for Ruby
153,185216calculationsJust provide the statement and check the users condition
153,185216AutoAssignmentAutomatic task assignment based on task priority,employee skill_level and employee work...
153,185216sspec-coreBDD for Ruby. RSpec runner and example groups.
153,185216sonA bad copy of json for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
153,185216qcloud-vod-sdka gem is qcloud vod package