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153241-153260 of all 154,351 gems.
153,237272fluent-plugin-remote_syslog_barthvFluentd output plugin for remote syslog
153,237272pixi_layersA gem for importing the pixi_layers.js canvas library into Rails projects.
153,237272i8I8 (Immutable) is an extension of Hamster with a convenient name.
153,237272ez_copyright_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,237272dry-templatesThis generator will create crud resource transactions so as to free up the developer fr...
153,237272kamba_checkoutA gem to generate signatures based on your Kamba secret Key to use Kamba Checkout Js.
153,247271social_web-activity_streamsModels for ActivityStreams
153,247271prometheus-client-tracerTracer for accurate duration tracking with Prometheus metrics
153,247271memeratorThe API Libary wrapper in Ruby.
153,247271vagrant-hyperkitEnables Vagrant to manage machines in hyperkit.
153,247271alexa-smapiAmazon Alexa Skill Management API Client
153,247271argon_adminGenerates admin panel based on Argon Dashboard for Bootstrap 4 by Creative Tim. Project...
153,247271generate_app_jsonA packaged version of my gist
153,247271jekyll-to-s3Deploys a Jekyll build to S3.
153,247271money_hdSome descrption
153,247271kovacsName generator gem based on most common given and family names from all over the world.
153,247271danger-chatworkNotify danger reports to ChatWork.
153,258270ruby-shortcodesimplement stupid Wordpress shortcodes in ruby
153,258270featUnused features have a complexity cost. Feat allows you to easily record and explore fe...
153,258270rubybearClient for accessing the BEARS blockchain.