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153561-153580 of all 154,351 gems.
153,556248yml_error_responderThis gem let you simplify error responding.
153,556248sshakeA wrapper for net/ssh to make running commands more fun
153,556248servietteSaving for later
153,556248tecscdeTECSCDE - TECS Component Diagram Editor
153,556248mastercard_smallbusinessdecisionenhancerMasterCard SmallBusinessDecisionEnhancer Description
153,556248palkaphoto_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,568247introIntro brings your rails application to new feature introduction and step-by-step users ...
153,568247varsityDo more with less.
153,568247artilleryStateless distributed atomic dynamic execution.
153,568247pragmatic_course_gameA fun little game.
153,568247gem-bumperA Handy, Simple Gem for quickly updating the version of a Gem in your Gemfile
153,568247uniformityWrap external services in a uniform package.
153,568247yuukiA caller / runner framework for Ruby.
153,568247patent_clientA client for accessing freely-available patent data
153,568247regexifiA collection of tested common Regex experessions. Because why re-invent the wheel every...
153,568247parameter_substitutionThe substitution can be formatted using a syntax that looks like method calls
153,568247to_humanHuman-friendly strings for Boolean and Nil values
153,568247population_growth_clientAn client for the search population growth by ZIP codes API.