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Most downloads over all time
153621-153640 of all 153,764 gems.
153,619167bonitoCreate realistic demo data by simulating events occurring over some time period
153,619167remonHealth check library for system/services like postgres/elasticsearch
153,619167socksmeshThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,624166aws-dev-utilsRuby library gem that provides common AWS utilities
153,624166cryptotoolsCryptographic tools.
153,624166ExampleGeneratorUsed to generate natural language training examples.
153,624166rudash_fprudash_fp is the best functional utility ever
153,624166studio_game_umuellerThis is an example application that simulates a game as descirbed at http://pragmatic...
153,624166thermostat_drees_camertijnthermostat that receives a json and if it is too cold the heating turns on and if it is...
153,624166dry-elastic_modelCreate Elasticsearch models and mappings from code.
153,631165protocol-redisA RESP protocol client/server parser.
153,631165deimos-kafkaKafka libraries for Ruby.
153, Wiki channel in navbar for wike pages.
153,631165basic88-bit micro compatible BASIC interpreter. (Ruby)
153,631165vatapaVatapa combines Vue, Rails Partials, Yaml and generators to create multi-layered compon...
153,636164jekyll-crisp-minimal-themeA Minimal Jekyll Theme
153,636164trailblazer-futureUse Trailblazer 2.0 and 2.1 in one application
153,636164bundler-source-s3This bundler plugin adds a source type S3 which enables fetching/installing gems from A...
153,636164basixMulti 8-bit micro compatible BASIC interpreter for Ruby.
153,640163old_poetryA simple gothic poetry generator.