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153641-153660 of all 153,764 gems.
153,640163evilcap-ruby-vncA library which implements the client VNC protocol to control VNC servers.
153,640163tmp-gitversionVersioning when using git, solved. GitVersion looks at your git history and works out t...
153,643162logux_railsLogux client for rails
153,643162uw-fluent-plugin-throttleFluentd filter for throttling logs based on a configurable key.
153,645161formtastic_rebootstrapFormtastic form builder to generate Twitter Bootstrap-friendly markup.
153,645161tesla_brainA simple decision tree prototype of modular 9 decision making.
153,645161blood_contracts-instrumentationAdds instrumentation to BloodContracts refinement types
153,645161net-macaddressUtils for MACAddresses
153,649160komtetRuby client for
153,649160domain-generatorA gem that reduce boilerplates when creating new domain services
153,649160weather_kgWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,649160elastic_statsGem for elastic statistics.
153,649160pathfinder-activerecordGem for figuring out what's going on when you can't find the record inside your DB.
153,649160dekoratorAn opinionated way of organizing model-view code in Ruby on Rails, based on decorators
153,649160plusbumpUse this gem to automate the automation of version bumping in git
153,656159locked-rblocked protects your users from account compromise
153,656159cyclonedx-rubyCycloneDX is a lightweight software bill-of-material (SBOM) specification designed for ...
153,656159capistrano-telegramNotify Capistrano deployment to Telegram.
153,656159yorinterSupport render erb or haml to html or pdf, using data from json or from api endpoint
153,656159method_definitionget definition from method object