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153681-153700 of all 154,351 gems.
153,679241magic_urlA simple Magic Url gem
153,679241term-imagesprint images in the terminal
153,679241sspec-supportSupport utilities for RSpec gems
153,679241minitest_autoskipMinitest override which treats tests without assertions as having been skipped for repo...
153,679241dg_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
153,679241typing_trainerRuby typing trainer
153,679241simple_inventoryA lightweight inventory system utilizing SQLite3. Allows user to add/delete items, subt...
153,679241nat101Much longer explanation of the example!
153,679241geozoneFinds the nearest zone location by comparing GPS distances with known locations.
153,679241hoopRINA foundation classes for Ruby
153,679241itdisIs a small tool that allows you to check if a list of domains you have been provided is...
153,679241rspec_screenshot_dashboardHooks into RSpec and makes browser screenshots in all js-feature specs. It works, by ho...
153,679241rails-iftttIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App
153,679241daveDavid is a command line tool that used to record child's daily stories.
153,697240postclPostCL is een simpel terminal-script waarmee informatie een PostNL-zending opgevraagd k...
153,697240d4cDSL for add rails console option.
153,697240hola_chihasoA simple hello world gem
153,697240railsblazerExplore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and share them with yo...