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153741-153760 of all 154,197 gems.
153,736221piglatinizerprovides a method to translate a phrase into piglatin
153,736221modern-pricingIntelligent pricing information that will drive your business forward.
153,736221hello_wordHello word
153,736221magfaMagfa webService
153,736221portrait-railsRails helpers and generators for portrait image gem
153,746220bongloyBongloy is the easiest way to accept payments online. See for ...
153,746220DashaMailRbInterface for service API
153,746220printfulRuby Bindings to the Printful API. A simple way to get started with adding Printful to ...
153,746220hanami-kaminari-adapterhanami-kaminari-adapter lets your Hanamy Repository models be paginatable
153,746220hot_garbageThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
153,751219xgbXGBoost - the high performance machine learning library - for Ruby
153,751219synchrolog-rubySynchrolog ruby library
153,751219cheferizeTransliterate strings into Swedish Chef.
153,751219selectize-rails_kwyoung11A small gem for putting selectize.js into the Rails asset pipeline
153,751219Meal_Finder_CLIMeal Finder CLI gives users the tool to find recipes from the BBC Good Food website by ...
153,751219rails-simplemdeSimpleMDE integration for Rails
153,751219magic_urlA simple Magic Url gem
153,751219jack-storeA simple key value store based on relational table
153,751219assemblageAssemblage is a continuous integration toolkit. It's intended to provide you with a min...
153,751219portraitConverts a website into an image or pde