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153761-153780 of all 154,197 gems.
153,761218hola_chihasoA simple hello world gem
153,761218laixA simple gem
153,763217activerecord-find_duplicatesEasily find all duplicate records)
153,763217active_material_iconActiveMaterialIcon is an additional menu icon for active_material
153,763217cassia-rubya ruby api client for the cassia router api
153,763217hola_adel_muurseppA simple hello world gem
153,763217SimpleCipherWrite a longer description or delete this line.
153,763217daveDavid is a command line tool that used to record child's daily stories.
153,769216bauk-coreThis gem includes things such as log and parser wrappers, used by other bauk gems
153,769216xxdsimple naïve implementation of xxd in both directions for Ruby
153,769216gem_cometProvides CLI command of gem release
153,769216didaoA very simple gopher server, which can be use to get a\ simple gopher site up quick...
153,773215srice_view_toolProvides HTML data for Rails applications.
153,773215fluent-plugin-uniformexclude unused field and provide uniform field format
153,773215zendutyRuby SDK to communicate with Zenduty API
153,773215sample_gem_sandboxcreate gem.
153,777214dynormThis is a simple wrapper for AWS SDK DynamoDB.
153,777214logger_plusLogger Plus allows any additional information to be passed in the log method
153,777214ruby-requestsA library for HTTP requests that aims to provide the same API as the Requests library i...
153,780213captain_configFast, safe configuration for Ruby on Rails applications.