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154061-154080 of all 154,197 gems.
154,061154wirecard_subscriptionsA gem to ease the process of integrating the Wirecard Subscriptions API into your syste...
154,061154hexagonAlgorithms and data structures for hexagon based maps
154,063153supercastSupercast ruby client
154,063153blufinThe secret sauce that makes everything 'tick'.
154,063153pagy_cursoruse pagy for cursor paginations with rails
154,063153asciidoctor-katex-2Asciidoctor extension to render Katex mathematics server side to HTML fast with Schmooze
154,063153aspose_html_cloudThis repository contains Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for ruby source code.
154,068152umn_termsGem for Terms Service API at
154,068152cardioRun scripts on ECS containers with real time output without SSH.
154,068152devpadManage your devpad from a command line like a pro
154,068152logstash-input-jsqs_iamThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
154,068152makasLibrary for building websites from a tree of Textile files. Cut your Textile into a ni...
154,073151ucfgThis library is the Ruby variant of
154,073151ruby-lzwsRuby bindings for lzws library.
154,073151omniauth-garminOmniAuth strategy for Garmin
154,073151elastic-site-searchAPI client for accessing the Elastic Site Search API with no dependencies (on Ruby 1.9,...
154,073151nacNAC stands for "not another config"
154,078150ultra_polygonsClasses representing 2 dimensional polygons. Version 0.0.0 is still in development.
154,079149vpsZero-config deployments of Plug, Phoenix, Rack and Rails apps on a clean Ubuntu server ...
154,079149bitcoinaverage-rubyA simple Ruby wrapper for BitCoin Average API