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154081-154100 of all 154,197 gems.
154,081148rb-fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logsCloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd with memory profiling
154,082147typed_modelA Ruby library for defining data schemas via classes with typed fields and built in hyd...
154,083146aws-rails-provisionerDefine and deploy containerized Ruby on Rails Applications on AWS.
154,084144test_bench-bootstrapA minimal test framework for testing TestBench
154,084144social_webA suite of apps and tools for participating in the social web.
154,084144alsThis is a POC of Envoy ALS Server, only do inspect for each received message
154,084144net-imap-proxyProxy support for Ruby's Net::IMAP library.
154,088143publisheriosAntenna aims to take the pain out of creating and distributing all the necessary files ...
154,088143mj-teaspoon-jasmineRun Jasmine specs in the browser or headless with PhantomJS, Selenium Webdriver, or Cap...
154,088143social_web-well_knownEdnpoints for Well-Known URIs
154,088143social_web-webmentionEdnpoint for Webmentions
154,088143social_web-activity_pubRack app for ActivityPub endpoints
154,088143kratesCommand-line client for the Krates container and microservices platform
154,088143acmesmith-ns1This gem is a plugin for acmesmith and implements an automated dns-01 challenge respond...
154,088143patternifyPatternify provides a DSL optimized for readability to describe Regexp patterns.
154,096142mj-teaspoonRun Javascript tests using Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit in the browser or headless using Pha...
154,097141env_parameter_storeInject secrets to ENV from AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store.
154,098140stealth-telegramTelegram driver for Stealth.
154,099139common_cartridge_parserParse IMS Common Cartridge packages
154,100137smart_titleizeAdds method to titleize a str without downcasing acronyms.