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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16591,194puppetPuppet, an automated configuration management tool
26751,186hieraA pluggable data store for hierarcical data
39431,246semantic_puppetTools used by Puppet to parse, validate, and compare Semantic Versions and Version Rang...
4973979puppet_forgeTools that can be used to access Forge API information on Modules, Users, and Releases....
51,6662,150beakerPuppet's accceptance testing harness
61,7864,845mcollective-clientClient libraries for the Mcollective Application Server
72,1482,093puppet-stringsPuppet documentation via YARD
82,2193,262beaker-puppet_install_helperProvides a unified external interface to choosing which version of puppet to install on...
92,3342,258net_http_unixWrapper around Net::HTTP with AF_UNIX support
104,8304,094vanagonVanagon is a tool to build a single package out of a project, which can itself contain ...
114,9134,174lock_managerA simple interface for locking hardware resources available via ruby and backed by redis.
126,1355,916master_manipulatorThis gem extends the Beaker DSL for the purpose of changing things on a Puppet master
1415,84944,738pe-razor-clientRazor is an advanced provisioning application which can deploy both bare-metal and virt...
1554,24633,109maintainersA gem for maintaining MAINTAINERS files
1688,775131,462tellyImports beaker results into TestRail test run results
17128,854114,784puppetmodule-netdev_stdlibNetDev Standard Library provides Puppet types to configure network devices