Authentication and OAuth Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1129140wardenAn authentication library compatible with all Rack-based frameworks
2134145deviseFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
3162170oauth2A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OA...
4199177omniauthA generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication.
5695774doorkeeperDoorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails and Grape.
61,0671,355authlogicAn unobtrusive ruby authentication library based on ActiveRecord.
71,8711,801sorceryProvides common authentication needs such as signing in/out, activating by email and re...
82,8313,754clearanceRails authentication & authorization with email & password.
93,1662,470knockAuthentication solution for Rails based on JWT
109,7858,498shieldProvides all the protocol you need in order to do authentication on your rack appli...
1118,80311,473rodauthRodauth is an authentication and account management framework for rack applications. I...
1226,4995,423webauthnMake your Ruby/Rails web server become a conformant WebAuthn Relying Party
1369,07110,694oathsimple rails authentication