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6037,957,750aasmAASM is a continuation of the acts-as-state-machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby ...
6447,120,746abstract'abstract.rb' is a library which enable you to define abstract method in Ruby.
2,673530,898aaronh-chronicA natural language date parser with timezone support
3,197367,016abstract_methodAbstract Method is a tiny library enabling you to define abstract methods in Ruby class...
4,370199,873abiquo-etkTools to troubleshoot and manage your Abiquo installation
5,080151,403absolute_timeThis gem provides a monotonically increasing timer to permit safe measurement of time i...
5,382136,004a9na9n - ruby/rails apps configuration manager
5,552128,721abak-flowПростой набор правил и комманд, заточеных для работы в git-flow с использование в качес...
5,818118,983AbsoluteRenamerAbsoluteRenamer is a very powerful tool that helps files and directories renaming using...
5,952114,762abanalyzerA/B test analysis library for Ruby
6,054110,696ab_adminSimple and real-life tested Rails::Engine admin interface
6,333102,863absolutizeURI Absolitizing parser
6,58596,208abstract_feature_branchabstract_feature_branch is a Rails gem that enables developers to easily branch by abst...
7,04386,370abiquo-chef-agentAbiquo Chef Agent
7,26582,300absa-h2hThe interface supports Account holder verifications, EFT payments, Debit orders, collec...
7,54477,550about_pageDescription of AboutPage.
7,66775,944abgabenrechnerabgabenrechner.gem ist ein wrapper für diese api
7,87172,835abongoRuby A/B testing on MongoDB
8,35966,069ablyA Ruby client library for realtime messaging