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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+18,82367819,501asciidoctor-plantumlAsciidoctor PlantUML extension
2+17,84292218,764case_transformExtraction of the key_transform abilities of ActiveModelSerializers
3+14,60681215,418kaminari-actionviewkaminari-actionview provides pagination helpers for your Action View templates
4+14,56981215,381kaminari-activerecordkaminari-activerecord lets your Active Record models be paginatable
5+14,01880714,825kaminari-corekaminari-core includes pagination logic independent from ORMs and view libraries
6+13,28266513,947gitlab-turbolinks-classicTurbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails Asset P...
7+4,2066554,861omniauth-authentiqStrategy to enable passwordless authentication in OmniAuth via Authentiq.
8+3,8925534,445whois-parserWhois Parser is a WHOIS parser written in pure Ruby. It can parse and convert responses...
9+3,0996463,745email_reply_trimmerEmailReplyTrimmer is a small library to trim replies from plain text email.
10+2,7958003,595jsonapi-rendererEfficiently render JSON API documents.
11+2,7517913,542jsonapi-parserValidate JSONAPI response documents, resource creation/update payloads, and relationshi...
12+2,4065122,918mustermann-grapeAdds Grape style patterns to Mustermman
13+2,3535552,908sqreenSqreen is a SaaS based Application protection and monitoring platform that integrates d...
14+2,3356472,982html2textA Ruby component to convert HTML into a plain text format.
15+2,1766112,787logstash-output-amazon_esOutput events to Amazon Elasticsearch Service with V4 signing
16+1,9989802,978minimaA beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll. NOT DONE YET.
17+1,9096082,517gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitHub to render any fancy markup such as Markdown, Textile, Org-Mo...
18+1,8879812,868path_expanderPathExpander helps pre-process command-line arguments expanding directories into their ...
19+1,8606402,500deckar01-task_listMarkdown TaskList components
20+1,7585962,354truncatoRuby tool for truncating HTML strings keeping a valid HTML markup