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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+8,4049769,380chef-ruby-lvmA wrapper for the LVM2 administration utility, lvm.
2+7,5907528,342chef-ruby-lvm-attribA list of attributes for LVM objects
3+5,8499336,782et-orbiTime zones for fugit and rufus-scheduler. Urbi et Orbi.
4+5,6099636,572unidom-commonUnidom (UNIfied Domain Object Model) is a series of domain model engines. The Common do...
5+3,6809814,661neatjsonGenerate JSON strings from Ruby objects with flexible formatting options. Key features:...
6+3,3379654,302google-cloud-monitoringgoogle-cloud-monitoring is the official library for Stackdriver Monitoring.
7+3,2974913,788bindexBindings for your Ruby exceptions
8+3,2487604,008fog-dnsimpleThis library can be used as a module for `fog` or as standalone provider ...
9+3,1797613,940fog-digitaloceanDigitalOcean fog provider gem
10+3,0507043,754commander-fastlaneThe complete solution for Ruby command-line executables. Commander bridges the gap betw...
11+2,4669103,376googleapis-common-protosa grpc-based api
12+2,4479133,360google-gaxGoogle API Extensions
13+2,4129153,327rlyA simple ruby implementation of lex and yacc, based on Python's ply
14+2,3069753,281trainTransport interface to talk to different backends.
15+2,0867272,813declarative-optionDynamic options.
16+1,9279792,906collapsiumProvides IndifferentAccess, RecursiveMerge, PathedAccess, etc.
17+1,8353282,163colored2This is a heavily modified fork of gem, with many sen...
18+1,8139672,780dry-coreA toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb ecosystem.
19+1,7667562,522doorkeeper-openid_connectOpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper.
20+1,7078872,594cfndslDSL for creating AWS Cloudformation templates