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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+18,07681018,886omniauth-oauth2-genericGeneric, Configurable OmniAuth Strategy for OAuth2 providers
2+13,54295014,492declarative-optionDynamic options.
3+3,9498864,835case_transformExtraction of the key_transform abilities of ActiveModelSerializers
4+3,7904694,259watir-dom-waitWatir extension which provides with method to check for DOM changes.
5+3,6384684,106watirsomePure dynamic Watir-based page object DSL
6+3,4057664,171rspec_profilingProfile RSpec test suites
7+3,3858924,277collapsiumProvides IndifferentAccess, RecursiveMerge, PathedAccess, etc.
8+3,1045733,677tty-screenTerminal screen size detection which works on Linux, OS X and Windows/Cygwin platforms ...
9+3,0855463,631kaminari-activerecordkaminari-activerecord lets your Active Record models be paginatable
10+3,0825463,628kaminari-actionviewkaminari-actionview provides pagination helpers for your Action View templates
11+3,0534663,519watir-railsUse Watir ( in Rails.
12+2,9755233,498kaminari-corekaminari-core includes pagination logic independent from ORMs and view libraries
13+2,9559773,932toml-rbA TOML parser using Citrus parsing library.
14+2,7738123,585cloudformation-ruby-dslRuby DSL library that provides a wrapper around the CloudFormation.
15+2,3288303,158strptimea fast strptime engine which uses VM.
16+2,3164262,742ruby-machoA library for viewing and manipulating Mach-O files in Ruby.
17+2,2987623,060validates_hostnameExtension to ActiveRecord::Base for validating hostnames
18+2,2229793,201claide-pluginsThis CLAide plugin shows information about all available CLAide plugins ...
19+2,1219963,117activemodel-serializers-xmlXML serialization for your Active Model objects and Active Record models - extracted fr...
20+2,1077612,868asciidoctor-plantumlAsciidoctor PlantUML extension