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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+145,047217145,264abrakabukiTesting out a thing.
2+143,061183143,244a11nA11n handles authorization for Rails controllers! It's simple to use and extend.
3+142,666217142,883abenity_rubyA Ruby library for using the Abenity API.
4+141,246148141,394A-A simple gem
5+139,207217139,424aaetA CLI to collect metadata about an applicaton on every run from the command line
6+138,519217138,736abelardPersist blogs and similar web content as sharable git repositories
7+137,433217137,650abstract_builderAbstractBuilder gives you a simple DSL for declaring structures that beats manipulating...
8+137,395140137,535abenla-rubyThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
10+136,920115137,035absolutelyConvert relative paths to absolute URIs.
11+136,342115136,457aaqCreate ascii art quine from image file
12+135,469148135,617aamvaWrite a longer description or delete this line.
13+135,400217135,617abBleGatewaySdkab ble gateway
14+134,073217134,290abiThis is a jekyll theme built for AbiMusic.
15+133,379217133,596aa_parserParser fro AA
16+132,684217132,901abbaBayesian A/B Testing
18+131,643217131,860aastdlibExtensions to the Ruby Standard Library
19+130,311217130,528a50Write a longer description or delete this line.
20+130,196217130,413aadhaar_checkA gem to check whether the supplied aadhaar number is correct using Verheoff Algorithm.