Configuration Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1317461dotenv-railsAutoload dotenv in Rails.
2801884figaroSimple, Heroku-friendly Rails app configuration using ENV and a single YAML file
31,020849configEasiest way to manage multi-environment settings in any ruby project or framework: Rail...
41,557838configatronA powerful Ruby configuration system.
52,6371,224envyableThe simplest yaml to ENV config loader
62,9273,671globalSimple way to load your configs from yaml
74,3273,247enviedEnsure presence and type of your app's ENV-variables.
87,1136,363chamberChamber lets you source your Settings from an arbitrary number of YAML files and provid...
98,1346,463configusConfigus helps you easily manage environment specific settings
1014,3796,722econfigFlexible configuration for Ruby/Rails applications with a variety of backends