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11,2612,029gitlab_omniauth-ldapA LDAP strategy for OmniAuth.
21,2903,440gitlab-gritGrit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a git repository in an object or...
31,3971,859gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
41,4161,492gitaly-protoAuto-generated gRPC client for gitaly.
51,6981,382prometheus-client-mmapA suite of instrumentation metric primitivesthat can be exposed through a web services ...
62,08620,666gitlab_gitGitLab wrapper around git objects
72,1272,050rubocop-gitlab-securityBasic security checking for Ruby files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcing &...
82,2191,406gitalyAuto-generated gRPC client for gitaly.
92,4712,051grape-path-helpersRoute path helpers for Grape
102,8283,679gitlab-gollum-libA simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.
112,8342,524gitlab-licensegitlab-license helps you generate, verify and enforce software licenses.
123,2363,679gitlab-gollum-rugged_adapterAdapter for Gollum to use Rugged (libgit2) at the backend.
133,50937,642gitlab_metaGitLab meta gem
143,66137,642gitlab_emojiGitLab emoji assets
154,03127,277gitlab-grackRuby/Rack Git Smart-HTTP Server Handler
164,05546,144gitlab-elasticsearch-gitElasticsearch integrations for indexing git repositories.
174,4791,121gitlab-labkitInstrumentation for GitLab
184,69937,642gitlab-linguistGitLab Language detection
195,19920,666gitlab-turbolinks-classicTurbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails Asset P...
205,3051,815gitlab-qaIntegration tests for GitLab
216,43237,642gitlab-pygments.rbpygments.rb exposes the pygments syntax highlighter to Ruby
227,1402,616gitlab-triageGitLab triage automation project.
239,06946,144html-pipeline-gitlabExtension filters for html-pipeline used by GitLab
2413,84046,144gitlab_ci_metaGitLab CI meta gem
2514,43337,642gitlab_yaml_dbGitLab fork. YamlDb is a database-independent format for dumping and restoring data. I...
2622,5695,475gitlab-development-kitCLI for GitLab Development Kit.
2741,2138,428gitlab_kramdownGitLab Flavored Markdown extensions on top of Kramdown markup. Tries to be as close as ...
2889,89446,144omniauth2-gitlabDeprecated! Use instead.
29124,6247,958gitlab-monitorGitLab monitoring tools to use with prometheus
30132,69246,144gitlab-rougeRouge aims to a be a simple, easy-to-extend drop-in replacement for pygments.
31145,20346,144gitlab-pages-protoAuto-generated gRPC client for gitlab-pages.