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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
188rackRack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web application...
21,4436,270gem_pluginA plugin system based on rubygems that uses dependencies only
35,26014,927ramazeRamaze is a simple and modular web framework
46,08912,179innateSimple, straight-forward base for web-frameworks.
517,23372,880ffi-tkComfortably talk with Tcl/Tk using FFI.
630,43557,955verAn advanced text editor using tk and bringing world peace.
733,33072,880makuraRuby wrapper around the CouchDB REST API.
837,79919,333bundixCreates Nix packages from Gemfiles.
946,05272,880mailitThe simple way to create mails
1054,92772,880nagoroAn extendible and fast templating engine in pure ruby.
1155,55535,442pgpassFinding, parsing, and using entries in .pgpass files
1257,99272,880ffi-magicFFI binding for libmagic.
1358,66957,955ezamarA light-weight and simple templating engine for Ruby.
1490,69572,880orgtransformation of a subset of org-mode markup to html.
15111,26172,880geonames-wrapperBare-metal wrapper for GeoNames JSON Web Service API. Simple and effective.