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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,2451,962chewyChewy provides functionality for Elasticsearch index handling, documents import mapping...
22,3582,116spring-commands-rubocopRuboCop command for Spring
33,1844,945webpack-assetsWebpack Assets for Rails.
43,7994,968disqus_apiProvides clean Disqus API for your Ruby app with a nice interface.
59,8847,144database_validationsActiveRecord provides validations on app level but it won't guarantee the consistent. I...
610,82435,237graniteAnother business actions architecture for Rails apps
7134,62947,847archfiendA tool to simplify creation and development of Ruby daemons.
8149,01147,847codeowners-checkerCheck consistency of Github CODEOWNERS and git changes.