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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,049-ruby-kafkaA client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.
22,093-king_konfA simple configuration library
32,438-racecarA framework for running Kafka consumers
42,447-delivery_boyA simple way to produce messages to Kafka from Ruby applications
52,903-avro_turfA library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby
66,880-bencodeA simple encoder and decoder for the BitTorrent serialization format.
710,191-curly-templatesA view layer for your Rails apps that separates structure and logic.
837,057-rails_completeTab completion for the rails command-line tool.
939,749-zombie_recordAllows restoring your Active Records from the dead!
1040,437-riot-railsUse the fast, expressive and concise Riot unit-testing framework to test your Rails app...
1141,749-query_matchersMatch the number of queries performed in any block of code
1276,329-sinatra-avroA Sinatra plugin that allows encoding requests and responses using Apache Avro
1385,168-cspMassive concurrency with message-passing and stuff.
1487,124-discoAdds a simple Markdown helper to your Rails views.
1589,743-rtagstaskA Rake task for building vi and emacs tags
1691,415-monkeyspecdocSpecdoc output for Ruby's Test::Unit and Shoulda
1791,840-avro2jsonDecodes Avro data files and converts the data to JSON
1893,083-minxAn implementation of the CSP concurrency primitives
1994,594-todotaskA Rake task for generating a ToDo list
20131,271-kafkalogueA buffered log backed by Apache Kafka.
21140,155-ruby-kubernetesA basic K8s interface gem