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1732877clampClamp provides an object-model for command-line utilities. It handles parsing of comman...
21,5602,437sham_rackShamRack plumbs Net::HTTP directly into Rack, for quick and easy HTTP testing.
35,89215,147representativeBuilds XML and JSON representations of your Ruby objects
47,9316,291stackupManage CloudFormation stacks
58,71818,963ssssh"ssssh" is a small tool that can be used to encrypt and decrypt secrets, using the AWS ...
69,06110,411cloud_shapedCloudShaped makes it easier to generate CloudFormation templates, using a Builder-like ...
710,0308,641config_mapperMaps config data onto plain old objects
810,3018,641config_houndSniffs out config, wherever it may be.
910,3166,197console_loggerA Logger customised for console output.
1010,98129,982representative_viewBuilds XML and JSON from a single view template
1113,35513,793rspec-longrunAn RSpec formatter for long-running specs.
1213,46615,147pithPith builds static websites, using markup/template languages including Haml, Sass, ERb,...
1313,69925,807arborealArboreal is yet another extension to ActiveRecord to support tree-shaped data structure...
1415,24341,183fake-aws-sdkFake implementation of AWS SDK
1515,75112,160lazilyLazily implements "lazy" versions of many Enumerable methods, allowing streamed pro...
1619,47219,725newrelic-webmachineNewRelic instrumentation for Webmachine.
1719,47937,052blobbyVarious ways of storing BLOBs
1823,75929,982gem_requireThis gem adds the `gem require` command. It's almost identical to `gem install`, excep...
1926,46622,849another_enumSupport for defining enumerated types
2028,467112,952swaAWS, backwards
2131,230112,952eyelinerEyeliner puts CSS makeup on your HTML emails.
2232,64854,532wikiwahWikiWah is a text-to-HTML converter, along the lines of Markdown. This isn't the mar...
2337,516112,952enumeratingEnumerating extends Enumerable with "lazy" versions of various operations, allowing str...
2441,18241,183platform1A thin wrapper around Passenger Standalone.
2541,73937,052hoickHoick is a command-line HTTP client. It's intended mainly as a tool for testing RESTfu...
2654,50166,150basketcaseBasketCase is a (Ruby) script that encapsulates the Rational ClearCase command-line int...
2758,86847,176rack-livejsReload web-pages automatically
2859,593112,952trunctionTrunction implements intelligent truncation of HTML text.
2962,37654,532greenscreenGreenScreen is a build monitoring tool that is designed to be used as a dynamic Big Vis...
3067,389112,952enumerable_fuEnumerableFu extends Enumerable with "lazy" versions of various operations, allowing st...
3171,08066,150itunercontrol iTunes using Ruby
3272,16954,532blobby-s3Store BLOBs in S3
3372,254112,952whereverProvides syntax sugar for Ruby predicate blocks
3485,88854,532docker-shaballCreate a tar-ball containing some Docker images
3591,127112,952shipperShipper provides a simple way to deploy Docker-ised web-applications in AWS.
36116,47266,150docker-image-mapVisualize docker image history
37128,22481,968docker_mapVisualize docker image history
38137,66825,807json-sequencePush parser for RFC7464 JSON Sequences
39141,60247,176pager_judya Ruby client and CLI for PagerDuty
40153,7288,124nemwebA Ruby client for