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11,1191,256faraday_middleware-aws-signers-v4Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4.
21,8852,686ziprubyRuby bindings for libzip.
32,4981,331statuscakeIt is a StatusCake API client library.
42,5751,324faraday_middleware-aws-sigv4Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4 using aws-sigv4.
52,7861,658ridgepoleRidgepole is a tool to manage DB schema. It defines DB schema using Rails DSL, and upda...
63,3422,598fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logsCloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd
75,0673,411rhclPure Ruby HCL parser
85,5854,509activerecord-mysql-reconnectIt is the library to reconnect automatically when ActiveRecord is disconnected from MySQL.
95,8856,082roadworkerRoadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and ...
106,18610,391kumogataA tool for AWS CloudFormation. It can define a template in Ruby DSL.
116,8038,075fluent-plugin-ddOutput plugin for Datadog
126,89137,389ruaRua is a library for using Lua under Ruby.
136,9239,549dslhIt define Hash as a DSL gem.
147,44437,389sdbclisdbcli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon SimpleDB.
157,50213,999libarchiveRuby bindings for Libarchive. Libarchive is a programming library that can create and r...
168,20814,780activetokyocabinetActiveTokyoCabinet is a library for using Tokyo(Cabinet|Tyrant) under ActiveRecord.
178,81837,389murakumoMurakumo is the internal DNS server which manages name information using a gossip proto...
189,6226,260zabbix_protocolZabbix protocols builder/parser.
1910,1186,395bracecompBrace expansion library.
2010,50520,195piculetPiculet is a tool to manage EC2 Security Group. It defines the state of EC2 Security Gr...
2110,96711,535fluent-plugin-kinesis-firehoseFluentd output plugin for Amazon Kinesis Firehose.
2211,03937,389ddbcliddbcli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon DynamoDB.
2311,36010,143radiosondeRadiosonde is a tool to manage CloudWatch Alarm. It defines the state of CloudWatch Ala...
2411,68618,885lzorubyRuby bindings for LZO.
2511,7174,124ruby-jqRuby bindings for jq
2611,85612,813miamMiam is a tool to manage IAM. It defines the state of IAM using DSL, and updates IAM ac...
2712,72523,747gratanGratan is a tool to manage MySQL permissions using Ruby DSL.
2813,55337,389kelbimKelbim is a tool to manage ELB. It defines the state of ELB using DSL, and updates ELB ...
2915,84914,365fluent-plugin-elb-access-logFluentd input plugin for AWS ELB Access Logs.
3016,21637,389rgossip2Basic implementation of a gossip protocol. This is a porting of Java implementation. se...
3118,35937,389optopusoptopus is an easy-to-use option purser.
3218,89637,389tarrubyRuby bindings for libtar.
3320,18237,389arel-mysql-index-hintAdd index hint to MySQL query in Arel.
3420,39716,305kumogata2Kumogata2 is a tool for AWS CloudFormation.
3520,4898,125bukelattaBukelatta is a tool to manage S3 Bucket Policy.
3620,99837,389rgossipBasic implementation of a gossip protocol. This is a porting of Java implementation. se...
3721,02430,913cfdefCfdef is a tool to manage CloudFront.
3821,61812,395json_colorIt is a library to colorize JSON.
3921,65837,389eipmapEipmap is a tool to manage Elastic IP Addresses (EIP). It defines the state of EIP usin...
4022,48137,389aqtkRuby bindings for AquesTalk.
4122,79637,389qlzrubyRuby bindings for QuickLZ.
4223,65337,389lambchopIt is a tool that invoke AWS Lambda function from the local machine as a normally script.
4324,60437,389bayonRuby bindings for bayon.
4424,78737,389ps_fps_f emulates 'ps awxuf' on Mac OS X.
4525,58437,389ruby-binlogRuby binding for MySQL Binary log API.
4625,67537,389cronicleIt is a tool for execute script, and define cron on remote hosts.
4726,61130,913repolRepol is a tool to manage ECR Repository Policy.
4826,75615,223kumogata2-plugin-rubyIt is the Ruby plug-in of Kumogata2. It convert the Ruby DSL to JSON.
4926,86437,389ddnsDistributed name server
5027,09420,195uptimerobotUptime Robot API client for Ruby.
5128,59223,747postfix_status_linePostfix Status Line Log Parser implemented by C.
5230,75030,913zabbix-clientThis is a simple client of Zabbix API.
5331,44321,578barkdogBarkdog is a tool to manage Datadog monitors.
5432,30737,389mysql-pausemysql-pause is a proxy server to pause a query to MySQL.
5533,94630,913fluent-plugin-rds-slowlogAmazon RDS slow_log input plugin for Fluent event collector
5634,11323,747fluent-plugin-filter-parse-postfixFilter Plugin to parse Postfix status line log.
5734,22020,195fluent-plugin-zabbix-agentFluentd input plugin for Zabbix agent.
5834,53521,578fluent-plugin-lambdaOutput plugin for AWS Lambda.
5934,93911,737armgAdd MySQL geometry type to Active Record.
6036,35130,913fluent-plugin-dynamodb-altFluent plugin to output to DynamoDB.
6137,05026,407lzfrubyRuby bindings for LibLZF.
6237,81137,389lbrtA tool to manage Librato. It defines the state of Librato using DSL, and updates Librat...
6338,35437,389jtlParse a default jtl file of Apache JMeter.
6439,1248,930hash_modern_inspectInspect Hash object as modern format.
6539,25230,913disable_connection_poolingDisable the connection pooling of Rails
6639,97137,389jadtfmtformatting a Time to the japanese time string using ICU.
6740,51837,389posgraPosgra is a tool to manage PostgreSQL roles/permissions.
6840,72826,407zipruby1.9Ruby bindings for libzip.
6941,36137,389sparsehashRuby bindings for Google Sparse Hash.
7041,48437,389rpingrping is a ruby implementation of ping.
7142,26830,913activerecord-cassandra-adapteractiverecord-cassandra-adapter is a Cassandra adapter for ActiveRecord.
7242,64937,389ruby-ripmimeRuby binding for ripMIME.
7343,23137,389kedamakedama is ruby port of the libketama. libketama is a consistent hashing library. see ht...
7446,03830,913fluent-plugin-unit-time-filterPlug-in to aggregate by unit time
7546,26237,389mysql2_query_filterFiltering framework for Mysql2.
7646,41730,913activerecord-alt-mongo-adapteractiverecord-alt-mongo-adapter is a MongoDB adapter for ActiveRecord.
7747,96120,195meteorlogMeteorlog is a tool to manage CloudWatch Logs. It defines the state of CloudWatch Logs ...
7849,06126,407deep_sortSort Array/Hash/Enumerable recursively.
7949,19837,389rspec-match_fuzzyString matcher to ignore whitespace.
8049,47837,389fdpassThis is a library to transmit the file descriptor between the processes.
8149,83630,913ddstatA tool that send to Datadog the data while execute dstat
8249,87016,305mappruMappru is a tool to manage VPC Route Table.
8349,94523,747fluent-plugin-filter-record-mapFilter Plugin to create a new record containing the values converted by Ruby script.
8450,75537,389mysql-pause-adapter-extmysql adapter extension for mysql-pause
8551,13437,389athath is a interactive Amazon Athena shell.
8651,90730,913fluent-plugin-munin-nodeFluentd input plugin for Munin node.
8753,82737,389ec2-api-proxyec2-api-proxy is a proxy server for EC2 API.
8854,24937,389textwrapText wrapping and filling library like Python textwrap module.
8954,30537,389yahoo_jp_transitScraping library for Yahoo! route information.(
9054,57130,913google_drive-persistent_sessionPersist credential for google-drive-ruby.
9154,99937,389zipruby1.8Ruby bindings for libzip.
9255,48437,389mysql2_query_filter-plugin-logLogging plug-in for Mysql2QueryFilter.
9357,32037,389hash_order_helperAdd methods to manipulate the order of the entries in the Hash object.
9458,51837,389ddtopA tool that send to Datadog the data while execute top
9559,05137,389divsufsortRuby bindings for libdivsufsort.
9659,13737,389msleepPause for N milliseconds.
9759,80530,913fluent-plugin-buffered-filterVersatile filtering plugin
9860,81323,747activerecord-mysql-pkdumpDump the type information of a non-standard primary key.
9960,85937,389watch_listwatch_list is a tool to manage Uptime Robot. It defines Uptime Robot monitors using Rub...
10060,95037,389mysql2_query_filter-plugin-casual_logPlug-in that colorize the bad query for Mysql2QueryFilter.
10161,71837,389erbhSimple ERB helper.
10261,80037,389fastlzRuby bindings for FastLZ.
10365,38737,389dynamodb-streams-clientDynamoDB Streams client.
10465,49730,913masudaHatena AnonymouseDiary Reader/Writer
10566,73437,389smpdtfmtformatting a Time to the time string using ICU.
10671,44130,913mawkRuby binding for libmawk
10777,12137,389fluent-plugin-kinesis-altOutput filter plugin for Amazon Kinesis
10878,86937,389ec2cliec2cli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon EC2.
10981,03337,389fluent-plugin-filter-object-flattenFilter Plugin to convert the hash record to records of key-value pairs.
11083,11126,407mysql_make_scrambled_passwordExecute MySQL PASSWORD() function in Ruby.
11183,21337,389librato-clientLibrato API Client for for Ruby.
11285,08237,389monosasiMonosasi is a tool to manage Cloudwatch Events rules.
11388,11830,913pp_sort_hashPretty print a sorted hash by key.
11489,21537,389pycfConfiguration file parser for Python 2.7 basic configuration file.
11594,43337,389object_flattenObjectFlatten converts the hash to an array of key-value pairs.
11699,10137,389socket-keepaliveTCP Keepalive extension for Ruby. see tcp(7). (Linux only)
117102,08537,389macsaySimple Ruby bindings for NSSpeechSynthesizer.
118102,71437,389fluent-plugin-raven-decoderFluentd plugin to decode Raven data.
119103,13418,885audit_log_parserIt is a library for parsing.
120104,24537,389google-api_client-keychain_storeKeychainStore for Google API Client.
121106,20037,389ec2-usage-reportec2-usage-report is a library for acquiring usage report of EC2.
122108,30737,389chef-solo-encExternal Node Classifiers for chef-solo.
123108,49637,389rspec-match_rubyRuby code matcher.
124111,82117,910fluent-plugin-filter-parse-audit-logFluentd Filter Plugin to parse linux's audit log.
125112,55837,389fluent-plugin-time-sliced-filterTimeSlicedOutput Plugin to aggregate by unit time
126113,24837,389healthaidHealthaid is a daemon that monitors the health status of the service.
127115,84637,389arel_columns_hashMonkey patch for fix Arel column_cache. (use AR model columns_hash)
128121,28612,813active_record_mysql_xverifyIt is a library that performs extended verification when an error occurs when executing...
129122,23637,389js2jsonIt is a library to convert from JavaScript to JSON.
130125,10137,389arproxy-plugin-mysql_casual_logPlug-in that colorize MySQL bad query for Arproxy.
131126,02637,389rec2gifIt is a wrapper for ttygif.
132127,31937,389kinesis_catAmazon Kinesis cli for put JSON data.
133129,09137,389fluent-plugin-filter-jqFilter Plugin to create a new record containing the values converted by jq.
134132,04126,407rack_custom_tmpdirRack middleware to change temporary directory of file upload
135135,20237,389tiny_mysqlTiny MySQL clinet dependent on mysql command.
136137,63137,389rspec-match_tableArray of hashes matcher.
137137,83737,389fluent-plugin-rtailFluentd output plugin for rtail.
138141,20537,389codenizeGenerate scaffold for
139141,65337,389easycronEasyCron API Ruby Client.
140147,72920,195active_record_postgresql_xverifyIt is a library that performs extended verification when an error occurs when executing...