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11,0901,022faraday_middleware-aws-signers-v4Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4.
21,7592,661ziprubyRuby bindings for libzip.
32,9921,446ridgepoleRidgepole is a tool to manage DB schema. It defines DB schema using Rails DSL, and upda...
43,1481,536faraday_middleware-aws-sigv4Faraday middleware for AWS Signature Version 4 using aws-sigv4.
53,5401,077statuscakeIt is a StatusCake API client library.
63,5572,338fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logsCloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd
75,6424,586activerecord-mysql-reconnectIt is the library to reconnect automatically when ActiveRecord is disconnected from MySQL.
85,8405,354roadworkerRoadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and ...
95,87314,190kumogataA tool for AWS CloudFormation. It can define a template in Ruby DSL.
106,0722,222rhclPure Ruby HCL parser
116,37649,490ruaRua is a library for using Lua under Ruby.
126,5075,250fluent-plugin-ddOutput plugin for Datadog
136,8725,410dslhIt define Hash as a DSL gem.
146,96249,490sdbclisdbcli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon SimpleDB.
157,1797,712libarchiveRuby bindings for Libarchive. Libarchive is a programming library that can create and r...
167,61019,637activetokyocabinetActiveTokyoCabinet is a library for using Tokyo(Cabinet|Tyrant) under ActiveRecord.
178,24249,490murakumoMurakumo is the internal DNS server which manages name information using a gossip proto...
1810,49425,932ddbcliddbcli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon DynamoDB.
1910,7695,830piculetPiculet is a tool to manage EC2 Security Group. It defines the state of EC2 Security Gr...
2011,51114,190radiosondeRadiosonde is a tool to manage CloudWatch Alarm. It defines the state of CloudWatch Ala...
2111,7706,310fluent-plugin-kinesis-firehoseFluentd output plugin for Amazon Kinesis Firehose.
2211,9086,038zabbix_protocolZabbix protocols builder/parser.
2311,96649,490lzorubyRuby bindings for liblzo.
2412,6604,084bracecompBrace expansion library.
2513,01515,266kelbimKelbim is a tool to manage ELB. It defines the state of ELB using DSL, and updates ELB ...
2613,0365,296miamMiam is a tool to manage IAM. It defines the state of IAM using DSL, and updates IAM ac...
2713,6165,968gratanGratan is a tool to manage MySQL permissions using Ruby DSL.
2815,37849,490rgossip2Basic implementation of a gossip protocol. This is a porting of Java implementation. se...
2917,44249,490optopusoptopus is an easy-to-use option purser.
3017,91849,490tarrubyRuby bindings for libtar.
3119,19015,266fluent-plugin-elb-access-logFluentd input plugin for AWS ELB Access Logs.
3219,31213,450ruby-jqRuby bindings for jq
3319,5777,531arel-mysql-index-hintAdd index hint to MySQL query in Arel.
3420,00219,637rgossipBasic implementation of a gossip protocol. This is a porting of Java implementation. se...
3520,81210,609kumogata2Kumogata2 is a tool for AWS CloudFormation.
3621,22349,490aqtkRuby bindings for AquesTalk.
3722,28049,490json_colorIt is a library to colorize JSON.
3822,87949,490lambchopIt is a tool that invoke AWS Lambda function from the local machine as a normally script.
3923,13449,490qlzrubyRuby bindings for QuickLZ.
4023,43419,637bayonRuby bindings for bayon.
4123,78049,490ps_fps_f emulates 'ps awxuf' on Mac OS X.
4224,56849,490ruby-binlogRuby binding for MySQL Binary log API.
4324,98449,490cronicleIt is a tool for execute script, and define cron on remote hosts.
4425,5175,734cfdefCfdef is a tool to manage CloudFront.
4525,60025,932ddnsDistributed name server
4626,2966,005eipmapEipmap is a tool to manage Elastic IP Addresses (EIP). It defines the state of EIP usin...
4726,76349,490uptimerobotUptime Robot API client for Ruby.
4827,7975,859bukelattaBukelatta is a tool to manage S3 Bucket Policy.
4928,37710,892kumogata2-plugin-rubyIt is the Ruby plug-in of Kumogata2. It convert the Ruby DSL to JSON.
5029,05215,266postfix_status_linePostfix Status Line Log Parser implemented by C.
5129,90949,490zabbix-clientThis is a simple client of Zabbix API.
5231,15749,490mysql-pausemysql-pause is a proxy server to pause a query to MySQL.
5332,59613,450barkdogBarkdog is a tool to manage Datadog monitors.
5433,00525,932fluent-plugin-rds-slowlogAmazon RDS slow_log input plugin for Fluent event collector
5534,61125,932fluent-plugin-zabbix-agentFluentd input plugin for Zabbix agent.
5634,68615,266fluent-plugin-lambdaOutput plugin for AWS Lambda.
5734,94417,410fluent-plugin-filter-parse-postfixFilter Plugin to parse Postfix status line log.
5835,2205,895repolRepol is a tool to manage ECR Repository Policy.
5936,30149,490lzfrubyRuby bindings for LibLZF.
6037,11149,490jtlParse a default jtl file of Apache JMeter.
6137,52149,490disable_connection_poolingDisable the connection pooling of Rails
6237,72814,190fluent-plugin-dynamodb-altFluent plugin to output to DynamoDB.
6338,42249,490jadtfmtformatting a Time to the japanese time string using ICU.
6439,21525,932zipruby1.9Ruby bindings for libzip.
6539,28449,490lbrtA tool to manage Librato. It defines the state of Librato using DSL, and updates Librat...
6639,86225,932sparsehashRuby bindings for Google Sparse Hash.
6740,03749,490rpingrping is a ruby implementation of ping.
6840,32319,637activerecord-cassandra-adapteractiverecord-cassandra-adapter is a Cassandra adapter for ActiveRecord.
6940,45125,932posgraPosgra is a tool to manage PostgreSQL roles/permissions.
7041,34525,932ruby-ripmimeRuby binding for ripMIME.
7141,70049,490kedamakedama is ruby port of the libketama. libketama is a consistent hashing library. see ht...
7242,82511,883armgAdd MySQL geometry type to Active Record.
7344,0476,866hash_modern_inspectInspect Hash object as modern format.
7444,80549,490fluent-plugin-unit-time-filterPlug-in to aggregate by unit time
7544,87119,637activerecord-alt-mongo-adapteractiverecord-alt-mongo-adapter is a MongoDB adapter for ActiveRecord.
7645,59149,490mysql2_query_filterFiltering framework for Mysql2.
7747,60149,490fdpassThis is a library to transmit the file descriptor between the processes.
7848,59249,490ddstatA tool that send to Datadog the data while execute dstat
7949,13949,490mysql-pause-adapter-extmysql adapter extension for mysql-pause
8049,31525,932fluent-plugin-filter-record-mapFilter Plugin to create a new record containing the values converted by Ruby script.
8149,42649,490meteorlogMeteorlog is a tool to manage CloudWatch Logs. It defines the state of CloudWatch Logs ...
8251,56249,490fluent-plugin-munin-nodeFluentd input plugin for Munin node.
8351,64111,883deep_sortSort Array/Hash/Enumerable recursively.
8452,39949,490ec2-api-proxyec2-api-proxy is a proxy server for EC2 API.
8552,49349,490textwrapText wrapping and filling library like Python textwrap module.
8652,52149,490yahoo_jp_transitScraping library for Yahoo! route information.(
8752,93049,490zipruby1.8Ruby bindings for libzip.
8853,58825,932athath is a interactive Amazon Athena shell.
8954,09025,932google_drive-persistent_sessionPersist credential for google-drive-ruby.
9054,66249,490mysql2_query_filter-plugin-logLogging plug-in for Mysql2QueryFilter.
9155,82349,490rspec-match_fuzzyString matcher to ignore whitespace.
9256,28125,932mappruMappru is a tool to manage VPC Route Table.
9357,15249,490divsufsortRuby bindings for libdivsufsort.
9457,15249,490ddtopA tool that send to Datadog the data while execute top
9557,25449,490msleepPause for N milliseconds.
9657,80649,490fluent-plugin-buffered-filterVersatile filtering plugin
9759,50649,490hash_order_helperAdd methods to manipulate the order of the entries in the Hash object.
9859,67019,637activerecord-mysql-pkdumpDump the type information of a non-standard primary key.
9959,87749,490fastlzRuby bindings for FastLZ.
10059,87749,490watch_listwatch_list is a tool to manage Uptime Robot. It defines Uptime Robot monitors using Rub...
10160,33849,490mysql2_query_filter-plugin-casual_logPlug-in that colorize the bad query for Mysql2QueryFilter.
10263,61149,490erbhSimple ERB helper.
10364,18949,490dynamodb-streams-clientDynamoDB Streams client.
10464,31549,490masudaHatena AnonymouseDiary Reader/Writer
10564,84349,490smpdtfmtformatting a Time to the time string using ICU.
10670,39849,490mawkRuby binding for libmawk
10775,11649,490fluent-plugin-kinesis-altOutput filter plugin for Amazon Kinesis
10876,82649,490ec2cliec2cli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon EC2.
10980,67625,932fluent-plugin-filter-object-flattenFilter Plugin to convert the hash record to records of key-value pairs.
11086,87225,932mysql_make_scrambled_passwordExecute MySQL PASSWORD() function in Ruby.
11188,18949,490pycfConfiguration file parser for Python 2.7 basic configuration file.
11294,05049,490librato-clientLibrato API Client for for Ruby.
11395,09849,490object_flattenObjectFlatten converts the hash to an array of key-value pairs.
11495,27617,410pp_sort_hashPretty print a sorted hash by key.
11596,55849,490socket-keepaliveTCP Keepalive extension for Ruby. see tcp(7). (Linux only)
11699,85949,490macsaySimple Ruby bindings for NSSpeechSynthesizer.
117101,24149,490fluent-plugin-raven-decoderFluentd plugin to decode Raven data.
118101,29315,266monosasiMonosasi is a tool to manage Cloudwatch Events rules.
119102,60749,490google-api_client-keychain_storeKeychainStore for Google API Client.
120103,42549,490ec2-usage-reportec2-usage-report is a library for acquiring usage report of EC2.
121105,59049,490chef-solo-encExternal Node Classifiers for chef-solo.
122110,15549,490fluent-plugin-time-sliced-filterTimeSlicedOutput Plugin to aggregate by unit time
123110,67949,490healthaidHealthaid is a daemon that monitors the health status of the service.
124113,70725,932arel_columns_hashMonkey patch for fix Arel column_cache. (use AR model columns_hash)
125117,31349,490rspec-match_rubyRuby code matcher.
126119,52049,490js2jsonIt is a library to convert from JavaScript to JSON.
127123,26925,932arproxy-plugin-mysql_casual_logPlug-in that colorize MySQL bad query for Arproxy.
128123,55425,932rec2gifIt is a wrapper for ttygif.
129124,92149,490kinesis_catAmazon Kinesis cli for put JSON data.
130126,63849,490fluent-plugin-filter-jqFilter Plugin to create a new record containing the values converted by jq.
131133,56549,490tiny_mysqlTiny MySQL clinet dependent on mysql command.
132134,72925,932rack_custom_tmpdirRack middleware to change temporary directory of file upload
133135,30649,490fluent-plugin-rtailFluentd output plugin for rtail.
134135,76949,490rspec-match_tableArray of hashes matcher.
135136,75725,932audit_log_parserIt is a library for parsing.
136138,71949,490codenizeGenerate scaffold for
137139,08849,490easycronEasyCron API Ruby Client.
138140,19225,932fluent-plugin-filter-parse-audit-logFluentd Filter Plugin to parse linux's audit log.
139148,24619,637active_record_mysql_xverifyIt is a library that performs extended verification when an error occurs when executing...