Mytrile's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,811662opentracingOpenTracing Ruby Platform API
222,34832,686backgemBack up your installed gems list into a file/gist
339,46232,686redcar_pluginSimple command-line utility to help you install,update and delete redcar plugins
448,96132,686kinataKinata is simple gem for getting info about cinemas in Sofia
565,40032,686sugarcrm_empA less clunky way to interact with SugarCRM via REST.
666,07732,686markyMarky is a simple wrapper for converting strings/text to html using different markdown ...
767,40732,686gemfile19Simple command line tool for checking gems in your Gemfile for Ruby 1.9 compatability
868,66932, API Ruby wrapper
9104,72032,686leakedinLinkedIn password hacked checker
10128,16032,686ext_checkExtCheck provides rails task for checking for C extensions
11134,27232,686bank_account_toolsBank account tools for dealing with IBANs/BICs: information, validation and formatting.
12144,02732,686validates_iban_format_ofValidate iban