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11,531532pondA simple, generic, thread-safe pool for connections or whatever else
22,4932,629queA job queue that uses PostgreSQL's advisory locks for speed and reliability.
317,18910,143sequel-advisory-lockingEasy use of Postgres' advisory locks in Sequel
417,20837,389caulfieldA Rack middleware to aid in integration testing for Rails 3 and up.
538,47237,389pg_examinerExamine and compare the tables, columns, constraints and other information that makes u...
639,92811,737sequel-seek-paginationGeneric, flexible seek pagination implementation for Sequel and PostgreSQL
744,36518,885sequel-savepoint-hooksSequel extension that allows savepoints to trigger after_commit and after_rollback hooks.
846,99737,389pg_triggersHandy helpers to create PostgreSQL Triggers
949,02037,389sequel-search-pathEasy scoping of Postgres' search_path for Sequel
1067,85137,389mongo_mapper_connectorA tiny gem that sets up a MongoMapper connection for you.
1180,49737,389sequel_test_after_commitMakes after_commit and after_rollback hooks work with Sequel's savepoint support.
1297,19037,389sequel-select-order-clausesSimple support for selecting the order clauses in a dataset
13100,23737,389listenerShare the LISTEN functionality of a single PG connection
14103,29137,389passertSimple assertions in Ruby.
15104,47037,389redis-luaA few more methods for the Redis class to make Lua script usage cleaner.
16117,61737,389sequel-association-filteringEasily filter records by the presence/absence of associated records.
17123,93937,389fracasWrite a longer description. Optional.
18129,84637,389que-railsRailtie, Generators and other magic to integrate the Que job queue with Rails applicati...