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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1169thorThor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.
23723faradayHTTP/REST API client library.
39996faraday_middlewareVarious middleware for Faraday
4245474will_paginatewill_paginate provides a simple API for performing paginated queries with Active Record...
51,2882,739github-linguistWe use this library at GitHub to detect blob languages, highlight code, ignore binary f...
61,3141,096gemojiCharacter information and metadata for standard and custom emoji.
71,3232,005version_sorterVersionSorter is a C extension that does fast sorting of large sets of version strings.
82,1303,314ruby-openid-apps-discoveryExtension to ruby-openid that enables discovery for Google Apps domains
93,5705,212hub`hub` is a command line utility which adds GitHub knowledge to `git`. It can used on...
105,20510,548rspec-rails-mochaPorts functionality of mock_model and stub_model from rspec-rails using Mocha.
115,9215,929choicesEasy settings for your app
127,8295,453ripper-tagsfast, accurate ctags generator for ruby source code using Ripper
137,867115,505faraday-stackGreat Faraday stack for consuming all kinds of APIs
1410,65413,695git-hubThe `git-hub' gem has been renamed `hub'.
1511,7989,611nibblerNibbler is a super simple and powerful declarative generic scraper written in under 70 ...
1613,20120,286git-deployA tool to install useful git hooks on your remote repository to enable push-based, Hero...
1719,21620,286mingoMingo is a minimal document-object mapper for MongoDB.
1821,65426,725twitter-loginRack endpoint to provide login with Twitter functionality
1922,74970,010hannaHanna is an RDoc implemented in Haml, making its source clean and maintainable. It's bu...
2031,88149,348gorgeousConvert between different data formats; prettify JSON, HTML and XML
2137,034115,505facebook-loginEasy integration with Facebook Graph for your application
2240,89049,348textmateCommand-line textmate package manager
2342,64642,912polyamoryA cli runner for all tests regardless of framework
2445,09349,348twinRack middleware to expose a Twitter-like API in your app.
2557,95949,348mislav-rspactorRSpactor is a command line tool to automatically run your changed specs (much like auto...
2659,02257,394jekyll-reloadedJekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
2760,36870,010mislav_contactsRuby library for consuming Google, Yahoo!, Flickr and Windows Live contact APIs
2861,85449,348never-forgetNever Forget is a layer of persistence for exceptions thrown in a Rack application at r...
2970,87070,010remarkRemark turns simple HTML documents or content in web pages to Markdown source.