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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
122-tiltGeneric interface to multiple Ruby template engines
267-rack-protectionProtect against typical web attacks, works with all Rack apps, including Rails.
376-sinatraSinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
4251-mustermannA library implementing patterns that behave like regular expressions.
5453-dpldeploy tool abstraction for clients
6777-sinatra-contribCollection of useful Sinatra extensions
71,072-dpl-scriptdeploy tool abstraction for clients
81,310-travisCLI and Ruby client library for Travis CI
91,369-ghmulti-layer client for the github api v3
101,573-toolgeneral purpose Ruby library used by Sinatra 2.0, Mustermann and related projects
111,793-dpl-s3deploy tool abstraction for clients
122,316-dpl-pagesdeploy tool abstraction for clients
132,439-dpl-herokudeploy tool abstraction for clients
142,904-dpl-releasesdeploy tool abstraction for clients
153,359-travis-lintDEPRECATED: Use `travis lint` (from travis gem) instead
163,463-sinatra-reloaderDummy gem, sinatra-reloader is now part of sinatra-contrib: http://www.sinatrarb.com/co...
173,546-async-rackMakes middleware that ships with Rack bullet-proof for async responses.
183,969-dpl-elastic_beanstalkdeploy tool abstraction for clients
194,297-yard-sinatraDisplays Sinatra routes (including comments) in YARD output.
204,685-dpl-code_deploydeploy tool abstraction for clients
214,979-coderhandle encodings, no matter what
225,323-dpl-npmdeploy tool abstraction for clients
235,640-dpl-pypideploy tool abstraction for clients
246,440-sinatra-advanced-routesMake Sinatra routes first class objects.
257,233-monkey-libMaking ruby extension frameworks pluggable.
267,412-dpl-firebasedeploy tool abstraction for clients
277,510-dpl-gcsdeploy tool abstraction for clients
288,263-dpl-cloud_foundrydeploy tool abstraction for clients
298,332-dpl-bintraydeploy tool abstraction for clients
309,363-dpl-gaedeploy tool abstraction for clients
319,385-travis-configTravis CI config.
3210,217-sinatra-sugarSome extensions to the sinatra default behavior (usefull for other Sintatra extensions,...
3310,719-dpl-packageclouddeploy tool abstraction for clients
3410,797-dpl-surgedeploy tool abstraction for clients
3511,796-dpl-bluemix_cloud_foundrydeploy tool abstraction for clients
3611,841-dpl-lambdadeploy tool abstraction for clients
3711,905-sinatra-config-fileDummy gem, sinatra-config-file is now part of sinatra-contrib: http://www.sinatrarb.com...
3812,424-dpl-ops_worksdeploy tool abstraction for clients
3912,680-sinatra-namespaceDummy gem, sinatra-namespace is now part of sinatra-contrib: http://www.sinatrarb.com/c...
4013,075-dpl-azure_webappsdeploy tool abstraction for clients
4113,140-dpl-cloud_filesdeploy tool abstraction for clients
4215,572-dpl-deisdeploy tool abstraction for clients
4315,692-dpl-rubygemsdeploy tool abstraction for clients
4416,117-chainablenever use alias_method_chain, again
4516,540-dpl-cloud66deploy tool abstraction for clients
4618,485-dpl-engine_yarddeploy tool abstraction for clients
4719,024-dpl-scalingodeploy tool abstraction for clients
4819,201-dpl-puppet_forgedeploy tool abstraction for clients
4919,651-dpl-openshiftdeploy tool abstraction for clients
5019,690-dpl-bitballoondeploy tool abstraction for clients
5119,809-dpl-testfairydeploy tool abstraction for clients
5219,863-dpl-boxfusedeploy tool abstraction for clients
5319,944-dpl-launchpaddeploy tool abstraction for clients
5419,971-dpl-transifexdeploy tool abstraction for clients
5519,994-dpl-hackagedeploy tool abstraction for clients
5620,001-dpl-anyninesdeploy tool abstraction for clients
5720,103-dpl-atlasdeploy tool abstraction for clients
5820,131-dpl-catalyzedeploy tool abstraction for clients
5920,157-dpl-chef_supermarketdeploy tool abstraction for clients
6020,493-hansiDer ANSI Hansi - create colorized console output.
6120,713-big_bandMaking Sinatra swing.
6223,668-mixicomixin hijinks — enable and disable mixins
6324,784-dpl-modulusdeploy tool abstraction for clients
6424,825-travis-yamlparses and validates your .travis.yml, fast and secure
6525,970-dpl-divshotdeploy tool abstraction for clients
6627,538-haml-moreAdds more functionality to Haml and Sass (part of BigBand).
6732,053-sinatra-extensionDummy gem, sinatra-extension is now part of sinatra-contrib: http://www.sinatrarb.com/c...
6834,827-dpl-snapdeploy tool abstraction for clients
6935,140-sinatra-test-helperDummy gem, sinatra-test-helper is now part of sinatra-contrib: http://www.sinatrarb.com...
7035,480-income-taxEstimate Income Tax for different Countries
7140,777-dpl-hephydeploy tool abstraction for clients
7242,369-sinatra-compassBetter Compass integration for Sinatra (part of BigBand).
7346,454-conviniusConvenience library for Rubinius-only projects.
7450,617-travis-cli-ghAdds commands to interact with the GitHub API
7551,803-gemeratorLike NewGem, but way simpler.
7652,074-sinatra-more-serverAdds more server to Sinatra::Base#run! (part of BigBand).
7762,459-dpl-cargodeploy tool abstraction for clients
7868,163-travis-deployA command-line interface to Travis CI
7969,297-refineStart using refine, today. Be ready for Ruby 2.0!
8069,570-servsimple, threaded rack handler (webserver)
8170,541-universe-javascriptgem install universe-javascript
8270,631-universe-webservergem install universe-webserver
8370,723-universe-testinggem install universe-testing
8470,744-universe-rack-testinggem install universe-rack-testing
8570,783-universe-parsinggem install universe-parsing
8670,794-universe-sinatragem install universe-sinatra
8770,846-universe-coregem install universe-core
8870,897-universe-dbgem install universe-db
8970,922-universe-templatesgem install universe-templates
9071,343-universe-rails-testinggem install universe-rails-testing
9171,423-universe-staticwebgem install universe-staticweb
9275,601-prefixadds ~ to Array and Symbol
9383,296-monk-glueMonk is a glue framework for web development. It means that instead of installing all t...
9488,596-travis-clientRuby client library for Travis CI API v3
9592,990-priestPriest is a more advanced replacement for the monk command line tool. Monk is a glue fr...
9694,992-rubot-baseRubot is a library for creating bots for MediaWiki projects (i.e. Wikipedia). This gem ...
9797,448-universe-railsgem install universe-rails
9897,652-universe-devtoolsgem install universe-devtools
9998,488-universe-webframeworksgem install universe-webframeworks
10098,589-universe-commongem install universe-common
10199,240-universegem install universe
10299,314-universe-rackgem install universe-rack
103101,314-travoltagem squatting, it's a thing
104102,688-unpatchedConvenience library without a single monkey-patch.
105103,313-rkhgem squatting, it's a thing
106106,803-mustermann-everythingMeta gem depending on all official Mustermann gems
107113,069-mustermann-railsAdds Rails style patterns to Mustermman
108113,229-teresaParses test run output in various formats.
109113,613-mustermann-flaskAdds Flask style patterns to Mustermman
110123,341-mustermann-simpleAdds Sinatra 1.x style patterns to Mustermman
111125,049-mustermann-uri-templateAdds URI template style patterns to Mustermman
112125,049-mustermann-visualizerProvides syntax highlighting and other visualizations for Mustermman
113125,470-mustermann-shellAdds Shell style patterns to Mustermman
114126,065-mustermann-fileutilsOperate efficiently on your file system using Mustermann
115126,065-mustermann-pyramidAdds Pyramid style patterns to Mustermman
116126,092-mustermann-strscanImplements a version of Ruby's StringScanner that works with Mustermann patterns
117126,296-mustermann-cakeAdds CakePHP style patterns to Mustermman
118126,713-mustermann-expressAdds express.js style patterns to Mustermman
119129,868-sinatra-web-inspectorWeb inspector for sinatra (part of BigBand).
120130,206-sinatra-postponeto be released
121137,847-rkh-bundlerBundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many mach...