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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,2711,426date_validatorA simple, ORM agnostic, Ruby 1.9 compatible date validator for Rails 3, based on Active...
21,5924,383spinachSpinach is a BDD framework on top of gherkin
31,6194,690gherkin-rubyGherkin-ruby is a Gherkin parser in pure Ruby using Rexical and Racc
41,6676,784spinach-railsspinach-rails adds Rails support to spinach
54,0255,959futuroscopeFuturoscope is yet another simple gem that implements the Futures concurrency pattern.
64,7244,150hyperclientHyperclient is a Ruby Hypermedia API client.
77,57628,565guard-spinachguard-spinach is a guard plugin for spinach
89,61149,348acts_as_decimalRails 3 gem to treat an attribute as a decimal (getting and setting floating-point valu...
913,3799,115resortPositionless model sorting for Rails.
1014,22313,144markdownizerRender any text as markdown, with code highlighting and all!
1116,63428,565rack-webconsoleRack-based console inside your web applications
1220,66928,565pelusaStatic analysis Lint-type tool to improve your OO Ruby code
1321,614115,505empresaula-assetsAssets needed to build empresaula third-party apps
1421,72324,940simple_currencyA really simple currency converter using XavierMedia API. It's Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby ...
1528,170115,505button_formbutton_form replaces all tags with in your forms
1633,97242,912remarkable_date_validatorRemarkable matchers for date_validator
1736,369115,505autilityDownloads utility invoices from common spanish firms such as Endesa or Vodafone.
1837,750115,505colorantEasily extract the colors of any image file!
1943,403115,505empresaula-apiRuby wrapper for interacting with Empresaula's API
2043,77149,348gramInternal client for Codegram administration
2144,776115,505cheezburgerBDD for lolcats! Just require it in your Gemfile and you got funny specs for free!
2248,26249,348hypermodelRails Responder to generate an automagic JSON HAL representation for your Mongoid models
2353,301115,505colorblindColorblind extends ActiveSupport logger with trendy colorschemes from the 90's!
2455,65857,394hoygancopA gem for easy detection and correction of hoygans
2559,21557,394sass-imagesA sass helper that knows how to deal with images
2668,03870,010hackershoutShout your hackerness! Promote your work on Reddit, Hackernews and Ruby Flow.
2771,08470,010hoygan_validatorAn activemodel validator for hoyganness
2872,06457,394traceTrace Ruby method calls inside a block of code.
2972,89770,010prawn-qrPrawn-qr is a prawn extension for creating QR Codes inside of a prawn document
3087,196115,505dm-machinistdm-machinist is a datamapper adapter for machinist 2.0
3195,921115,505course_scraperGives you a list of all courses in Spanish vocational education.
32101,69788,889owemegodA gem for easily distribute debts among friends