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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11416i18nNew wave Internationalization support for Ruby.
21,3681,407devise-i18nTranslations for the devise gem
32,9724,435localeappSynchronizes i18n translation keys and content with localeapp.com so you don't have to ...
43,3792,795kaminari-i18nTranslations for the kaminari gem
54,4674,569isoA subset of the ISO spec implemented in ruby
65,1984,149bcp47A subset of the BCP47 spec implemented in ruby
75,3255,916will-paginate-i18nTranslations for the will_paginate gem
85,4585,513i18n-specIncludes a number of rspec matchers to make specing your locale files easy peasy.
924,92611,626ruby-cldrRuby library for exporting and using data from CLDR, see http://cldr.unicode.org
1030,00718,466locale_flashlocale_flash lets you create flash messages easily with I18n fallbacks
1144,86572,880locale_schemaThis gem provides a hierarchy for I18n defaults
1246,70072,880legal-docslegal-docs provides a customisable privacy policy and terms of service, backed by I18n ...
1477,61046,503burrowA wrapper to the bunny gem that removes the need for a lot of boilerplate code