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1110103rubocopAutomatic Ruby code style checking tool. Aims to enforce the community-driven Ruby ...
22,201756rubocop-performanceA collection of RuboCop cops to check for performance optimizations in Ruby code.
32,4023,975activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapterOracle "enhanced" ActiveRecord adapter contains useful additional methods for working w...
43,456947rubocop-railsAutomatic Rails code style checking tool. A RuboCop extension focused on enforcing ...
513,98017,243backport_digbackport_dig is the backport of Hash#dig, Array#dig and OpenStruct#dig in Ruby 2.3 to o...
623,41919,648active_pstoreThis library has Active Record like interface. Use pstore to store data.
724,40527,699deathkill command wrapper. say "DEATH" with death voice. Operating environment is Mac OS X o...
832,7479,086gtm_railsSimply embed Google Tag Manager container snippet into Rails application
955,67227,699deka_eiwakuncoding convention in esm
1057,83027,699activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter-monky_patch_755A monkey patch for oracle-enhanced ISSUE #755.
1157,88927,699dry_require_spec_helperDRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) of require 'spec_helper'.
1259,27227,699azumaDecide the order of Lightning Talkers.
1374,70427,699acappellaA client-server model talk tool. Server speak characters that client was typing.
14106,77827,699ruby_ast_visualizerRuby AST Visualizer.
15109,96327,699backport_yield_selfbackport_yield_self is the backport of Kernel#yield_self in Ruby 2.5 to older Ruby vers...
16120,94727,699blur_imageblur image.
17125,37927,699ghq_transferTransfer local repositories from flatten directory style to ghq convention style.
18127,69127,699screamersGenerate a migration file that converts column types all at once.
19133,19727,699map_chain%i(foo bar).map_chain('to_s.to_sym') #=> %i(foo bar).map(&:to_s).map(&:to_sym)
20135,26319,648everlastingActionController::Parameters does not inherit Hash since Rails 5.0. This Gem will never...
21136,15127,699vanish`vanish` removes the useless white space in the text file.