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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,9922,123droplet_kitDroplet Kit is the official Ruby library for DigitalOcean's API
23,1902,083kartographKartograph makes it easy to generate and convert JSON. It's intention is to be used for...
33,2002,039resource_kitResource Kit provides tools to aid in making API Clients. Such as URL resolving, Reques...
47,92425,732element_factoryElement Factory is a more object oriented approach to generating markup.
58,05212,553table_clothTable Cloth helps you create tables easily.
614,35813,845namelyWraps the Namely HTTP API in lovely Ruby.
719,92349,354gemfilerGemfiler makes your Gemfile pretty.
834,96230,812toolsmithToolsmith provides common helpers for UI components and styles.
940,85638,508ruboliteRubolite is a ruby interface to gitolite.
1080,69994,979jackrabbitJackrabbit simplifies doing very common tasks with RabbitMQ
1182,719106,898active_repoActiveRepo aims to give ActiveRecord objects a wrapper for Repository pattern.
1282,78794,979bunny_hairA simple replacement for Bunny
1384,23079,704ruby_hueRubyHue is a library for interacting with Hue light bulbs from Phillips.
14105,372106,898cake_lie_rossCreates fake information.
15105,830106,898cake_lieCreates fake information.
16127,603140,081dmvDMV is a library to help get your forms under control