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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,647601authyRuby library to access Authy services
22,354722devise-authyAuthy plugin to add two factor authentication to Devise.
34,46037,285mongo_mapper-unstableA Ruby Object Mapper for Mongo
411,09211,101magentSimple job queue system based on mongodb
511,78116,368gecoder-with-gecodeGecode/R is a Ruby interface to the Gecode constraint programming library. Gecode/R...
612,24927,417mongomapper_extMongoMapper extensions
712,56937,285gecoderGecode/R is a Ruby interface to the Gecode constraint programming library. Gecode/R...
816,13127,417multiauthmulti authentication gem using devise & co
920,87637,285mongobileadmin ui for mongodb based on jquery mobile
1023,14827,417ricodigo-capistrano-recipesour capistrano recipes. forked from capistrano-recipes
1123,26916,368bug_huntersinatra app to manage web app exceptions
1233,40527,417happy-commithappy commits!
1338,09237,285dcu-typhoeusLike a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs ...
1439,70437,285ricogenA Rails 3.0 generator (like for the whole project) that pre-generates a bunch of ...
1542,29237,285mongoid_extmongoid plugins
1642,57037,285raelibrary to access the rae.es
1745,57537,285plasmoidruby gem to build and work with KDE plasmoids
1849,85337,285mm-filesFIX (describe your package)
1949,86737,285gem2debConvert ruby gems to debian packages
2049,92337,285mm-searchFIX (describe your package)
2160,90137,285check_jssmall utility to check the JavaScript syntax of a list of files. it also allow to insta...
2260,93037,285mongoid-xapianFull text search for mongoid using xapian
2364,29137,285isohunt-essearch movies on isohunt.com and subtitles (in spanish) in subdivx.com
2466,88427,417lyricslib and cli to fetch lyrics
2567,01737,285dcu-deviseFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
2669,13437,285social_widgetsdisplay widgets of social networks
2784,94337,285dcu-purple_rubyA ruby gem to write server that sends and recives IM messages
2887,09737,285htmlconverterConvert HTML to PDF, PS, SVG and PNG
2987,88837,285has_fixturesagnostic plugin for building pseudo random models. fork of dm-sweatshop by Ben Burkert ...
3088,21037,285git_pmset of git related tools
3190,83737,285xsFIX (describe your package)
3292,95737,285jsbeautyread more details on http://www.sencha.com/blog/2010/10/21/make-a-javascript-formatter-...
3393,26737,285rr2fetcherDownload files from a rapidshare free account
3495,51037,285who_is_itauto tag social people
3595,68837,285webstalkerauto tag social people
36126,91437,285devise-edgeFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden