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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,7543,066switch_pointSwitching database connection between readonly one and writable one.
26,7935,206chankoChanko is a Rails extension tool
37,5976,943famlFaster implementation of Haml template language.
47,7115,411expeditorExpeditor provides asynchronous execution and fault tolerance for microservices
58,3835,073hakoDeploy Docker container
68,7537,947raven-transports-fluentdSend error logs to sentry via fluentd.
79,8785,957garage_clientRuby client library for the Garage API
810,13710,557haml_parserParser of Haml template language
912,62621,624rrrspec-clientExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1013,1529,254mamiyaDeploy tool using tarballs and serf for lot of servers
1117,50614,855acmesmithAcmesmith is an [ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment)](https://github.co...
1220,4969,437barbequeJob queue system to run job with Docker
1321,79925,900akabeiCustom repository manager for ArchLinux pacman
1422,49611,823s3_assets_uploaderUpload Rails assets to S3.
1525,58524,272rrrspec-serverExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1626,00024,272rrrspec-webExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1733,44224,272rrrspecExecute RSpec in a distributed manner
1836,55427,773fast_hamlFaster implementation of Haml template language.
1936,58917,058barbeque_clientBarbeque client for Ruby
2044,79844,741comic_walkerClient library for ComicWalker
2153,16916,600blousonFilter tools to mask sensitive data in various logs
2253,62258,277activerecord-attribute_converterTransparent conversion for ActiveRecord
2379,62839,713hako-vaultProvide variables from Vault to hako
2479,90550,953libsshRuby binding for libssh.
2582,42259,195hako-etcenvProvide variables from etcd to hako using etcenv
2689,85186,570kaedeScheduler for recpt1 recorder using Syoboi Calendar
27107,648110,166activerecord-exception-adapterActiveRecord adapter that raises an exception when used
28129,32570,666gem_collectorCollect gems used by applications