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1498404liquidA secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.
2559223bootsnapBoot large ruby/rails apps faster
38701,182activemerchantActive Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopif...
41,015566statsd-instrumentA StatsD client for Ruby apps. Provides metaprogramming methods to inject StatsD instru...
51,0731,660active_utilsCommon utils used by active_merchant, active_fulfillment, and active_shipping
61,5291,204graphql-batchA query batching executor for the graphql gem
71,7341,739ar_transaction_changesSolves the problem of trying to get all the changes to an object during a transaction i...
81,9461,562shopify_apiThe Shopify API gem allows Ruby developers to programmatically access the admin section...
92,0932,561active_shippingGet rates and tracking info from various shipping carriers. Extracted from Shopify.
102,1492,373identity_cacheOpt in read through ActiveRecord caching.
112,1801,476ejsonSecret management by encrypting values in a JSON hash with a public/private keypair
122,6403,074offsite_paymentsOffsite Payments is a simple abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It i...
132,6633,089buildkitRuby toolkit for working with the Buildkite API
142,7543,421quantifiedPretty quantifiable measurements which feel like ActiveSupport::Duration.
152,7752,317omniauth-shopify-oauth2Shopify strategy for OmniAuth
163,3622,814shopify_appThis gem is used to get quickly started with the Shopify API
173,4142,164semianA Ruby C extention that is used to control access to shared resources across proces...
183,4452,248measuredWrapper objects which encapsulate measurements and their associated units in Ruby.
193,4882,177browser_snifferParses user agent strings and boils it all down to a few simple classifications.
203,7077,231dashingThis framework lets you build & easily layout dashboards with your own custom widge...
213,7842,462better_htmlBetter HTML for Rails. Provides sane html helpers that make it easier to do the right t...
223,7914,227graphql_schemaClasses for convenient use of GraphQL introspection result
234,1403,466verdictShopify Experiments classes
244,1715,605turbograftTurbograft is a hard fork of Turbolinks, allowing you to perform partial page refreshes...
254,2432,539polaris_tokensDesign Tokens for the Polaris Design System
264,3673,986activerecord-pedantmysql2-adapterGives a hook on MySQL warnings that allow you to either raise or log them.
274,3928,931wolverineWolverine provides a simple way to run server-side redis scripts from a rails app
284,4503,825activerecord-rescue_from_duplicateRescue from MySQL and Sqlite duplicate errors
294,5262,262sewing_kitShopify's modern front-end tooling, nicely packaged for Rails
304,6355,348memcached_storePlugin-able Memcached adapters to add features (compression, safety)
314,8653,505erb_lintERB Linter tool.
324,9898,405active_fulfillmentFramework and tools for dealing with shipping, tracking and order fulfillment services.
335,3112,433bootbootThis gems removes you the overhead of monkeypatching your Gemfile in order to dualboot ...
345,4962,242toxiproxyA Ruby library for controlling Toxiproxy. Can be used in resiliency testing.
355,6023,131ci-queueTo parallelize your CI without having to balance your tests
365,7295,462magellan-rubyRuby API for Magellan
375,7614,087cli-uiTerminal UI framework
385,7975,709measured-railsRails adapter for assigning and managing measurements with their units provided by the ...
395,8984,392cli-kitTerminal UI framework extensions
406,7403,653oktakitRuby toolkit for working with the Okta API
416,8776,214rails-bigint-primarykeyEasily use 64-bit primary keys in Rails
426,9143,641shopify-moneyManage money in Shopify with a class that wont lose pennies during division!
437,3254,302kubernetes-deployKubernetes deploy scripts
447,6837,725asset_cloudAn abstraction layer around arbitrary and diverse asset stores.
458,47727,699genesis_collectorAgent to collect information about bare metal servers and send it to Genesis.
469,0508,296annex_29Unicode annex 29 compliant word segmentation
479,48127,699structured-event-loggerStructured event logging interface
4810,60719,648shopify_themeCommand line tool to help with developing Shopify themes. Provides simple commands to d...
4910,62427,699hookshotHookshot client library for ruby
5010,6918,296gctrackThis gem can be used to track Ruby GC tracepoints that are normally only visible throug...
5111,14627,699batman-railsQuickly get started with batman.js in a Rails app. Provides generators to get started a...
5211,3817,813liquid-cLiquid performance extension in C
5311,8684,392shipit-engineApplication deployment software
5412,3569,735rotoscopeHigh-performance logger of Ruby method invocations
5513,76517,243doggySyncs and manages DataDog dashboards, alerts, screenboards, and monitors.
5616,7265,640payment_iconsMountable rails engine which loads assets (svg files of payment icons) and provides a f...
5717,24327,699locationaryGem to normalize and auto-correct location information
5818,0143,923deprecation_toolkitDeprecation Toolkit around ActiveSupport::Deprecation
5918,8355,605job-iterationMakes your background jobs interruptible and resumable.
6019,91227,699zygoteAutomate baremetal server actions with iPXE
6120,43213,569azkaban_schedulerAzkaban client that can update the schedule
6221,1463,512ejson-railsRails secret management by encrypting values in a JSON hash with a public/private keypair
6325,98827,699record_storeManage DNS through a git-based workflow. If you're looking for the original 'record_sto...
6432,55227,699graphql_clientThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
6535,29027,699google_authConvenience wrapper for omniauth-google-apps: Makes a lot of assumptions, requires less...
6646,45919,648ssllabsThis is a ruby API to interact with Qualys SSL Labs API. API Documentation is available...
6746,48027,699kitchen-shopify-provisionerWork around Shopify specific cookbook quirks
6848,0409,086lita-externalMeta adapter that allow Lita to spawn multiple processes and load balance the work
6948,31427,699rails_parallelrails_parallel runs your Rails tests by forking off a worker and running multiple tests...
7049,06715,010shopify_cliDeprecated! Please use the `shopify_api_console` gem.
7159,8247,648ruby-limiterSimple Ruby rate limiting mechanism.
7265,02927,699multirow_counterTypically SQL is not a great place to store a counter that is incremented often. For in...
7366,11427,699genesis_clientRuby client library for the Genesis API
7471,39327,699signpost-verifierVerify signed HTTP requests against a list of authorized_keys
7575,46427,699dynect_emailProvides integration with the DynECT Email API.
7677,3848,180tapiocaA Ruby Interface file generator for gems, core types and the Ruby standard library
7777,70027,699signpost-signerSign HTTP requests with a local SSH keypair for verification on the server against a li...
7884,30727,699shopify_transporterThe Transporter tool allows you to convert data from a third-party platform into a form...
7985,90627,699giffyA tool that makes it easy to convert videos into gifs
8093,30927,699dev-uiTerminal UI framework
81102,79519,648signpost-railsA rails integration to use with signpost ssh verification
82111,17314,282ejson2envDecrypt EJSON secrets and export them as environment variables.
83115,93527,699param_sanitizerSimple middleware for cleaning up possibly bad requests on selected endpoints
84118,5224,368rubocop-sorbetAutomatic Sorbet code style checking tool.
85135,39927,699dev-kitTerminal UI framework extensions
86141,52327,699tainted_loveTaintedLove is a dynamic security analysis tool for Ruby
87142,19627,699graphql_swift_genGenerates swift code based on the GraphQL schema to provide type-safe API for building ...
88146,19027,699pii-detectorRuby gem to detect personally identifiable information.
89150,04927,699activerecord-firewallA simple hello world gem
90151,38927,699polaris_tokens_plusDesign Tokens for the Polaris Design System - Plus Version
91151,59227,699graphiql-rails-forkUse the GraphiQL IDE for GraphQL with Ruby on Rails. This gem includes an engine, a con...
92151,89215,966shopify_api_consoleThe Shopify Admin API Console gem is a tool for accessing the Shopify Admin API from th...
93153,50627,699kraneA command line tool that helps you ship changes to a Kubernetes namespace and understan...