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12,400924paper_trail-association_trackingPlugin for the PaperTrail gem to track and reify associations
23,3472,203prawn-railsPrawn Handler for Rails. Handles and registers pdf formats.
34,4612,619axlsx_stylerAxlsx gem is an excellent tool to build Excel worksheets. The sheets are created ro...
46,3742,743protected_attributes_continuedProtect attributes from mass assignment
57,4343,608rodfODF generation library for Ruby
610,1533,952spreadsheet_architectSpreadsheet Architect is a library that allows you to create XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsh...
730,96732,686paperclip_utilsHelper class for easier dynamic processors and styles on your Paperclip uploads
845,38532,686rearmedA collection of helpful methods and monkey patches for Objects, Strings, Enumerables, A...
979,24815,670rearmed_railsA collection of helpful methods and monkey patches for Rails
10141,04432,686rails_nestable_layoutsDead simple nested layouts for Rails
11145,25232,686minitest_change_assertionsProvides assertions for your Minitest suite to determine if an object has been changed.