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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1300418active_model_serializersActiveModel::Serializers allows you to generate your JSON in an object-oriented and con...
2727538jsonapi-rendererEfficiently render JSON API documents.
31,2731,465jsonapiEfficiently parse and render JSONAPI documents.
41,5121,743jsonapi-parserValidate JSONAPI response documents, resource creation/update payloads, and relationshi...
52,7282,237jsonapi-serializablePowerful DSL for building resource classes - efficient and flexible rendering.
62,7592,286jsonapi-deserializableDSL for deserializing incoming JSON API payloads into custom hashes.
72,7712,303jsonapi-rbBuild and consume JSON API documents.
82,9772,622jsonapi-railsEfficient, convenient, non-intrusive JSONAPI framework for Rails.
911,0494,430jsonapi-rspecHelpers for validating JSON API payloads
1089,86723,283jsonapi-hanamiEfficient, convenient, non-intrusive JSONAPI framework for Hanami.
11130,59337,285jsonapi-graderEnsure compliance of your JSON API library.
12133,81037,285jsonapi-validationsValidate presence/absence of resource creation/update and relationship update payloads,...
13136,16720,279jsonapi-clientClient library for the JSON API spec.