CMS Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,8153,626comfortable_mexican_sofaComfortableMexicanSofa is a powerful Rails 5.2+ CMS Engine
23,07712,596refinerycmsA Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 5.1. It's developer friendly and easy to extend.
34,5166,245alchemy_cmsAlchemy is a powerful, userfriendly and flexible Rails 5 CMS.
46,18464,680radiantRadiant is a simple and powerful publishing system designed for small teams. It is buil...
58,4606,193camaleon_cmsCamaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...
68,49622,651locomotivecms_wagonThe LocomotiveCMS wagon is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine
713,62687,174push_typePushType is a modern, open source content management system for Ruby on Rails. It takes...
925,35687,174storytimeA simple cms and blogging engine for rails apps.
1056,77828,726faeEvaluates Finite Automata State Diagrams for correctness.