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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+4,8455155,360snaky_hashA Hashie::Mash joint to make #snakelife better
2+2,4138163,229aws-sdk-emrserverlessOfficial AWS Ruby gem for EMR Serverless. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
3+2,3654012,766version_gemVersions are good. Versions are cool. Versions will win.
4+1,6874382,125net-popRuby client library for POP3.
5+1,4223561,778net-imapRuby client api for Internet Message Access Protocol
6+1,4178122,229debugDebugging functionality for Ruby. This is completely rewritten debug.rb which was conta...
7+1,4034481,851rubocop-minitestAutomatic Minitest code style checking tool. A RuboCop extension focused on enforcing M...
8+1,2963111,607net-smtpSimple Mail Transfer Protocol client library for Ruby.
9+1,2939902,283aws-sdk-amplifyuibuilderOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Amplify UI Builder. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for R...
10+1,2325011,733strscanProvides lexical scanning operations on a String.
11+1,2149422,156aws-sdk-backupgatewayOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Backup Gateway. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
12+1,1953131,508timeoutAuto-terminate potentially long-running operations in Ruby.
13+1,1899722,161aws-sdk-inspector2Official AWS Ruby gem for Inspector2. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
14+1,1603141,474net-protocolThe abstract interface for net-* client.
15+1,1529672,119aws-sdk-cloudwatchevidentlyOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon CloudWatch Evidently. This gem is part of the AWS SDK ...
16+1,0949192,013aws-sdk-panoramaOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Panorama (Panorama). This gem is part of the AWS SDK for ...
17+1,0778731,950rubocop-graphqlA collection of RuboCop cops to improve GraphQL-related code
18+1,0679512,018aws-sdk-drsOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Elastic Disaster Recovery Service (drs). This gem is part of ...
19+1,0367521,788digestProvides a framework for message digest libraries.
20+1,0336211,654google-apis-generatorCode generator for legacy Google REST clients