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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+7,7206268,346rubocop-rspec_railsCode style checking for RSpec Rails files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcin...
2+3,1129874,099gitlab-glfm-markdownMarkdown processing for GitLab Flavored Markdown
3+2,6126653,277google-cloud-locationAn add-on interface used by some Google API clients to provide location management calls.
4+2,5883012,889nkfRuby extension for Network Kanji Filter
5+2,5457463,291prismPrism Ruby parser
6+2,1776072,784datadog-cidatadog-ci is a Datadog's CI visibility library for Ruby. It traces tests as they are...
7+1,7563662,122rackupA general server command for Rack applications.
8+1,7256602,385influxdb-clientThis is the official Ruby library for InfluxDB 2.
9+1,6776842,361cssbundling-railsBundle and process CSS with Tailwind, Bootstrap, PostCSS, Sass in Rails via Node.js.
10+1,6252621,887rack-sessionA session implementation for Rack.
11+1,5616942,255vite_railsUse Vite in Rails and bring joy to your JavaScript experience
12+1,5266912,217vite_rubyUse Vite in Ruby and bring joy to your JavaScript experience
13+1,5226302,152axe-core-rspecRSpec custom matchers for Axe
14+1,4996722,171gitlab_quality-test_toolingA collection of test-related tools.
15+1,4896342,123mizeLibrary that provides memoziation for methods and functions for Ruby.
16+1,4599582,417forwardableProvides delegation of specified methods to a designated object.
17+1,4516402,091protocolThis library offers an implementation of protocols against which you can check the conf...
18+1,4442431,687mutex_mMixin to extend objects to be handled like a Mutex.
19+1,4362211,657net-httpHTTP client api for Ruby.
20+1,4216132,034rb_sysHelpers for compiling Rust extensions for ruby