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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
1+3,6979314,628static_holmescharlock_holmes provides binary and text detection as well as text transcoding using li...
2+3,6594474,106http-2-nextPure-ruby HTTP 2.0 protocol implementation
3+3,5854764,061phlexA high-performance view framework optimised for fun.
4+3,4854463,931httpxA client library for making HTTP requests from Ruby.
5+3,4007534,153opentelemetry-helpers-sql-obfuscationSQL Obfuscation Instrumentation Helpers for the OpenTelemetry framework
6+3,1164533,569lookbookA native development UI for ViewComponent
7+3,0538453,898opentelemetry-instrumentation-grapeGrape instrumentation for the OpenTelemetry framework
8+3,0076223,629rubocop-rspec_railsCode style checking for RSpec Rails files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcin...
9+2,8797563,635redis-clusteringA Ruby client that tries to match Redis' Cluster API one-to-one, while still provid...
10+2,8497493,598redis-cluster-clientA Redis cluster client for Ruby
11+2,7174433,160karafka-testingLibrary which provides helpers for easier Karafka consumers tests
12+2,6898963,585google-cloud-artifact_registry-v1Artifact Registry stores and manages build artifacts in a scalable and integrated servi...
13+2,6648973,561google-cloud-compute-v1google-cloud-compute-v1 is the official client library for the Google Cloud Compute V1 ...
14+2,6498883,537google-cloud-commonCommon protocol buffer types used by Google Cloud APIs
15+2,5147093,223gitlab-glfm-markdownMarkdown processing for GitLab Flavored Markdown
16+2,4667363,202opentelemetry-instrumentation-rakeRake instrumentation for the OpenTelemetry framework
17+2,2218843,105deb_versionA port of Debian Version comparison to Ruby.
18+2,2148863,100gitlab-sdkClient side Ruby SDK for GitLab Application services
19+2,1674092,576karafka-webKarafka ecosystem plug-and-play Web UI
19+2,1676012,768prismPrism Ruby parser