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1+2,4135562,969google-apis-androidpublisher_v3This is the simple REST client for Google Play Android Developer API V3. Simple REST cl...
2+2,3697163,085google-apis-playcustomapp_v1This is the simple REST client for Google Play Custom App Publishing API V1. Simple RES...
3+2,3128253,137gitlab-omniauth-openid-connectOpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.
4+2,1551272,282faraday-patronFaraday adapter for Patron
5+2,1481262,274faraday-httpclientFaraday adapter for HTTPClient
6+1,9795282,507gitlab-dangerfilesThis gem provides common Dangerfile and plugins for GitLab projects.
7+1,8449192,763fluent-plugin-geoip-filterFluentd filter plugin to add geoip
8+1,6093311,940trailblazer-optionWrap an option at compile-time and `call` it at runtime, which allows to have the commo...
9+1,6019472,548test_file_finderA command-line tool for guessing which spec files are relavant to a passed-in set of fi...
10+1,5881,0002,588aws-sdk-lookoutmetricsOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lookout for Metrics (LookoutMetrics). This gem is part...
11+1,5179272,444omniauth-azure-activedirectory-v2OAuth 2 authentication with the Azure ActiveDirectory V2 API.
12+1,3977062,103aws-sdk-lexmodelsv2Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lex Model Building V2 (Lex Models V2). This gem is par...
13+1,3438372,180database_cleaner-coreStrategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean slate for testing.
14+1,3024511,753ssrf_filterA gem that makes it easy to prevent server side request forgery (SSRF) attacks
15+1,198981,296faraday-em_synchronyFaraday adapter for EM::Synchrony
16+1,191951,286faraday-em_httpFaraday adapter for Em::Http
17+1,1709622,132aws-sdk-lexruntimev2Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Lex Runtime V2 (Lex Runtime V2). This gem is part of t...
18+1,1588101,968gitlab-experimentGitLab experiment library built on top of scientist.
19+1,1569312,087asciidoctor-krokiAn extension for Asciidoctor to convert diagrams to images using https://kroki.io
20+1,1556961,851aws-sdk-iotwirelessOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS IoT Wireless. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.