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1+23,23486024,094faraday-exconFaraday adapter for Excon
2+23,10688523,991faraday-net_http_persistentFaraday adapter for NetHttpPersistent
3+7,1217437,864trailblazer-optionWrap an option at compile-time and `call` it at runtime, which allows to have the commo...
4+4,3799995,378puma-metricsPuma plugin to export puma stats as prometheus metrics
5+2,7407853,525oktakitRuby toolkit for working with the Okta API
6+2,4119383,349activerecord-postgres_enumIntegrate PostgreSQL's enum data type into ActiveRecord's schema and migrations.
7+2,3209563,276allure-ruby-commonsUtilities allowing to implement allure result generation by other test frameworks
8+1,7169662,682allure-cucumberCucumber adaptor to generate rich allure test reports
9+1,7138512,564pry-themeThe plugin enables color theme support for Pry.
10+1,6654872,152google-apis-iamcredentials_v1This is the simple REST client for IAM Service Account Credentials API V1. Simple REST ...
11+1,6607252,385rubocop-fakerA RuboCop extension for Faker.
12+1,6384742,112google-apis-storage_v1This is the simple REST client for Cloud Storage JSON API V1. Simple REST clients are R...
13+1,6331,0002,633s3_direct_uploadDirect Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload
14+1,5659722,537database_cleaner-redisStrategies for cleaning databases using Redis. Can be used to ensure a clean state for ...
15+1,5544041,958google-apis-coreCommon utility and base classes for legacy Google REST clients
16+1,3453641,709simplecov_json_formatterJSON formatter for SimpleCov
17+1,3334451,778database_cleaner-active_recordStrategies for cleaning databases using ActiveRecord. Can be used to ensure a clean sta...
18+1,2619822,243activerecord-safer_migrationsActiveRecord migration helpers to avoid downtime
19+1,2449602,204avro_schema_registry-clientClient for the avro-schema-registry app
20+1,2359592,194avro-resolution_canonical_formUnique identification of Avro schemas for schema resolution