Core Extensions Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11313activesupportA toolkit of support libraries and Ruby core extensions extracted from the Rails framew...
22720addressableAddressable is an alternative implementation to the URI implementation that is part of ...
396122hashieHashie is a collection of classes and mixins that make hashes more powerful.
4271580virtusAttributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
51,6521,983active_attrCreate plain old Ruby models without reinventing the wheel.
61,6611,840hamsterEfficient, immutable, thread-safe collection classes for Ruby
72,0552,491facetsFacets is the premier collection of extension methods for the Ruby programming language...
83,4562,696hanami-utilsHanami utilities
98,5608,841finishing_movesRuby includes a huge amount of default awesomeness that tackles most common development...
1012,91312,263full_dupA (safe/no exceptions) dup variant that performs a deep, recursive copy.
1113,81210,636fast_attributesFast attributes with data types
1232,28011,713scan_leftA tiny Ruby gem to provide the 'scan_left' operation on any Ruby Enumerable.
1341,39043,174full_cloneA (safe/no exceptions) clone variant that performs a deep, recursive copy.
1450,95032,210safe_cloneA safer version of the clone method that avoids unnecessary exceptions.
1552,08143,174safe_dupA safer version of the dup method that avoids unnecessary exceptions.
1676,20743,174tiny-recordUse the with options to target your columns you want in your active record collection
17165,04843,174rails-render-componentComponents allow you to call other actions for their rendered response while executing ...