Database Drivers Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16461redisA Ruby client that tries to match Redis' API one-to-one, while still providing an i...
286103pgPg is the Ruby interface to the {PostgreSQL RDBMS}[]. It wor...
3121178mysql2A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
4142559sqlite3This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (http://...
5326743mongoA Ruby driver for MongoDB
61,3631,576tiny_tdsTinyTDS - A modern, simple and fast FreeTDS library for Ruby using DB-Library. Develope...
71,3894,318data_objectsProvide a standard and simplified API for communicating with RDBMS from Ruby
81,4731,619cassandra-driverA pure Ruby driver for Apache Cassandra
91,6672,317activerecord-sqlserver-adapterActiveRecord SQL Server Adapter. SQL Server 2012 and upward.
101,6791,011redicLightweight Redis Client
114,08410,216neographyA Ruby wrapper to the Neo4j Rest API see
1269,83613,527trophoniusAn easy to use link between Ruby (on Rails) and FileMaker using the FileMaker Data-API.