Error Handling Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1283473sentry-ravenA gem that provides a client interface for the Sentry error logger
2427599better_errorsProvides a better error page for Rails and other Rack apps. Includes source code inspec...
3478834airbrakeAirbrake is an online tool that provides robust exception tracking in any of your Ruby ...
4762785bugsnagRuby notifier for
5864953honeybadgerMake managing application errors a more pleasant experience.
69791,021exception_notificationException notification for Rails apps
72,0022,119nestyNested exception support for Ruby
84,6873,885exception_handlerRails gem to create custom error pages. Captures exceptions using "exception_app" callb...
928,07116,815my_api_clientProvides features error handling, retrying and so on.