#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13755activerecordDatabases on Rails. Build a persistent domain model by mapping database tables to Ruby ...
269275arelArel Really Exasperates Logicians Arel is a SQL AST manager for Ruby. It 1. Simplifie...
36241,099sequelThe Database Toolkit for Ruby
48641,260mongoidMongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.
51,5951,822redis-objectsMap Redis types directly to Ruby objects. Works with any class or ORM.
62,4058,128dm-coreDataMapper core library
72,6811,849dynamoidDynamoid is an ORM for Amazon's DynamoDB that supports offline development, association...
83,1445,045mongo_mapperMongoMapper is a Object-Document Mapper for Ruby and Rails
93,6965,016ohmOhm is a library that allows to store an object in Redis, a persistent key-value databa...
104,1214,421neo4jA Neo4j OGM (Object-Graph-Mapper) for Ruby heavily inspired by ActiveRecord.
114,5324,470romPersistence and mapping toolkit for Ruby
124,5742,753store_modelGem for working with JSON-backed attributes as ActiveRecord models
134,6235,168neo4j-coreNeo4j-core provides classes and methods to work with the graph database Neo4j.
146,2945,624neo4j-rake_tasksRake tasks for managing Neo4j Tasks allow for starting, stopping, and configuring
157,20410,447hanami-modelA persistence framework with entities and repositories
169,88912,050mongomodelMongoModel is a MongoDB ORM for Ruby/Rails similar to ActiveRecord and DataMapper.
1711,24013,780nobrainerThe goal of NoBrainer is to provide a similar interface compared to ActiveRecord and Mo...
1817,64033,463perpetuityPersistence layer for Ruby objects
19106,11423,035discriminableA Ruby gem that implements single-table inheritance (STI) for ActiveRecord models using...