Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
154041-154060 of all 156,494 gems.
36,6900cutaraCutara is the bridge between Tarantula and Cucumber
36,6900capistrano_misc_recipesmisc recipes for capistrano
36,6900bitzer_storeBitzerStore can treat individual cache clusters in Rails.
36,6900base32-multipure-ruby encoding and decoding of Base32 with support for zbase32 and Crockford's base32
36,6900arti_marksimple and customizable text markup language for EPUB
36,6900anti_objectInvert any object
36,6900udGet words' definitions from Urban Dictionary on the command-line.
36,6900strelka-adminStrelka is a framework for creating and deploying Mongrel2 web applications in Ruby, an...
36,6900jekyll-redirectsA Jekyll extension that makes redirecting within your site a breeze!
36,6900jekyll-oembedProvides an oembed liquid tag for Jekyll
36,6900humblea simple ruby orm.
36,6900gustoGusto is Coffeescript behavioral testing framework, with a command line tool that can b...
36,6900grnlineGrnline is created by Ruby. This uses [grnwrap](https://github.com/michisu/grnwrap) as ...
36,6900gmail-to-dropboxsync all attachments of gmail/Dropbox unread emails to dropbox
36,6900gluGlu bindings for the opengl gem, split into a separate gem because of Glu deprecation.
36,6900frostbittenGem that provides RCON commands for frostbite 2 engine games. BF3, BFBC2 and so on
36,6900two_chainzTwo Chainz is a gem for creating randomly-generated sentences with Markov chains
36,6900thetvdbVery simple interface to TheTVDB API
36,6900studio_fame_gameDescription: Studio_game is a practice application from the pragmatic studio ruby lesso...
36,6900nesta-plugin-searchUses Ferret to search your Nesta site. Based on https://github.com/gma/nesta-search.