Qrush's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18811,291useragentHTTP User Agent parser
28981,328jekyllJekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
31,1288,407sessionpersistent connections with external programs like bash
42,7263,047mRun test/unit tests by line number. Metal!
52,9782,228gemcutterProvides the `gem yank` and `gem webhook` commands to RubyGems.
69,5117,827daikondaikon, a radishapp.com client
714,32777,249kumadeA well-tested script for easy deploying to Heroku
821,72250,487git-scribegit-scribe is a workflow tool for starting, writing, reviewing and publishing multipl...
922,44715,507clinicala library for accessing data from ClinicalTrials.gov
1024,14550,487agcodAccess the Amazon API to order gift codes
1128,30877,249holaA simple hello world gem
1233,09947,328jferris-mochaMocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbi...
1340,32577,249motion-settings-bundleCreate a Settings.bundle for your RubyMotion app. This allows your app to have a "globa...
1440,54377,249hassleMakes SASS less of a hassle on read-only filesystems by compiling and serving it up for...
1554,37650,487gemcutter-testtesting this out
1657,85225,496cacheqlVarious GraphQL caching / instrumentation tools
1760,11436,085motion-layoutA nice way to use iOS6+ autolayout in your RubyMotion app. Use ASCII-art inspired forma...
1865,08877,249gsaySay things like a fancy Google bot.
1971,93877,249hoya dumber git
2084,37177,249radishlonger description of your gem
2187,92536,085blamesee who's responsible for gem crimes
2397,48550,487gemcutter-xssHax alert('omg hax')
24106,50377,249nhrubylonger description of your gem
25117,46177,249worldProvides a small set of classes to Country realated data
26162,18777,249mundoWrite a longer description or delete this line.