Voxpupuli's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19571,469puppet-syntaxSyntax checks for Puppet manifests and templates
21,3382,106metadata-json-lintUtility to verify Puppet metadata.json files
31,3411,456hiera-eyamlHiera backend for decrypting encrypted yaml properties
41,4712,173librarian-puppetSimplify deployment of your Puppet infrastructure by automatically pulling in modules...
51,6652,168librarianpA Framework for Bundlers, used by librarian-puppet.
61,7182,457beakerPuppet's accceptance testing harness
72,2622,215puppet-blacksmithPuppet module tools for development and Puppet Forge management
82,6003,915puppet-lint-param-docsA new check for puppet-lint that validates all parameters are documented.
93,7973,956puppet-lint-resource_reference_syntaxExtends puppet-lint to ensure that the reference syntax follows Puppet 4 style
104,1832,315hiera-eyaml-gpgGPG encryptor for use with hiera-eyaml
114,66310,917ra10keR10K and Puppetfile rake tasks
126,71619,321puppetdb-rubySimple Ruby client library for PuppetDB API
138,0834,504puppet-lint-anchor-checkA check for puppet-lint that validates no anchor resources are used
1423,26328,127modulesyncUtility to synchronize common files across puppet modules in Github.
1560,74746,757puppet_webhookSinatra Webhook Server for Puppet/R10K
1687,82346,757voxpupuli-releaseHelpers for deploying Vox Pupuli modules
1795,31346,757puppet-lint-reference_on_declaration_outside_of_class-checkExtends puppet-lint to ensure that a reference is made only on a declaration within the...