Gabrieletassoni's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
115,2799,410thecore_ui_rails_adminHolds all base dependencies and configurations to have a thecore integrated with Rails ...
216,71913,729thecore_apiThe base of all the apis.
316,89213,729thecore_dataentry_commonsThis plugin adds some partials to deal with DataWedge WebSocket.
419,29112,174thecore_ui_commonsEngine to serve configurations and rails module useful for all the UIs.
519,51815,771thecoreStart from here and build whatever you want to.
622,83480,006model_driven_apiRuby on Rails REST APIs built by convention using the DB schema as the foundation, plea...
723,30315,315thecore_print_commonsThecorized thecore_print_commons full description.
826,281103,205rails_admin_ui_layout_tarisCustom layouts.
928,25516,755thecore_auth_commonsProvides common User and Role models to attach Authentication and Authorization via you...
1031,57217,256thecore_backend_commonsWrapper to keep all the common libraries and setups needed by Thecore UI Backend(s).
1132,76520,645thecore_background_jobsAdds Background workers functionality and management to Thecore.
1240,25930,407thecore_dataentry_with_date_start_and_endDummy package to pull all the dependencies for building complex dataentry forms
1340,60829,524thecore_ui_partial_snippetsRails partials useful in Thecore Atomic Components and main.
1442,44226,063thecore_settingsActiveRecord + RailsAdmin App Settings management
1553,70934,216thecore_ftp_helpersThecorized thecore_ftp_helpers full description.
1656,742103,205rails_admin_ui_index_cardsAdd the cards view for lists.
1757,65534,216thecore_download_documentsSome helper methods to create pdfs and csvs ina a simple, tabellar notation. for PDF yo...
1859,367103,205rails_admin_selectizeSelectize is a fantastic way to select values from and association.
1961,61839,177thecore_ui_layout_taris_websiteAssets and htmls for non rails_admin part of the App.
2062,684103,205schema_based_apiRuby on Rails REST APIs built by convention using the DB schema as the foundation.
2175,73443,761thecore_mssql_importer_commonThecorized thecore_mssql_importer_common full description.
2280,22447,391thecore_print_with_templateThecorized thecore_print_with_template full description.
2380,81347,391thecore_theme_tarisDummy package to pull all the dependencies for UI part of Thecore (Taris Theme).
2490,451103,205rails_admin_ui_dashboard_blocksThe Dashboard coolnes.
25103,035103,205rails_admin_telnet_printThe set of printers must be present in the database.
26127,88170,382thecore_serversThecorized thecore_servers full description.
27142,850103,205rails_admin_amoeba_dupOnly for the models you set as enabled, this plugin adds a member action that allows fo...
28158,717103,205rails_admin_depositThecorized Description of RailsAdminDeposit.
29158,94180,006thecore_auth_with_single_roleThecorized thecore_auth_with_single_role full description.
30159,074103,205rails_admin_filter_by_idUses a where condition to set objects based on,, etc.
31159,114103,205rails_admin_openingThecorized: Description of RailsAdminOpening.
32164,37680,006thecore_download_pdf_commonsThis component sends back to the browser a pdf, in order to let it be downloaded.
33167,147103,205mobilart_print_templatesAll the print templates for the printer plugin. Mobilart version
34167,276103,205mobilart_modelsAs above.
35170,39247,391thecore_tcp_debugIn this gem all the CSS overrides wil be tracked.
36170,678103,205gentili_async_mssql_importerThecorized gentili_async_mssql_importer full description.