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11,6362,306forgeryEasy and customizable generation of forged data. Can be used as a gem or a rails plugin...
21,985101net-ntpThis project was a rubyfied version of perl's Net::NTP module, (C) 2004 by James G. Wil...
33,2703,913zencoderZencoder integration library.
410,05329,218index-tankedProvides methods for indexing objects to Index Tank. Extra convenience methods included...
512,21719,046messengerMessenger: easy message sending for various protocols.
613,05829,218m3uziRead and write M3U files with (relative) ease.
713,73829,218lockerLocker is a locking mechanism for limiting the concurrency of ruby code using the datab...
816,80229,218ceiling_catCeiling Cat is watching you chat. A Campfire and IRC chat bot!
921,59229,218agentAgent is a diverse family of related approaches for modelling concurrent systems, in Ruby
1027,54829,218zencoder-cliZencoder CLI client.
1178,09929,218grotesqueUse ZooKeeper like Redis. A grotesque.
1290,07529,218agencyAn actor library that uses the agent library for all of its plumbing.